From the March 2001 Idaho Observer:

Washington man successfully removes his land from tax rolls

[This document and the details of this property are on file in the office of The I.O.]

Following is the story of how I successfully withdrew my land from taxation in Washington State. For three years the county prosecutor threatened to foreclose on my property for non-payment of taxes. However, my property was finally dropped from the tax roll last year, and the county treasurer ceased sending the annual tax (rent) statement. I have enclosed an affidavit from a disinterested person who walked into the county treasurer's office and inquired into the tax status of my land. He ascertained not only that the property was not being taxed, but that the county had dropped the prior three years of back taxes and penalties.

As county officials took an adversarial position towards me, it was a rather complex and lengthy process walking through their defacto government minefield. Up to now I have been pretty quiet about my success, but I am now considering writing a book to detail exactly how I withdrew my property from county, state and federal jurisdiction. Given the complexity of this subject I can only give a "cocktail napkin" sketch here of my successful actions.

The secret of my success is contained in a book entitled The Errant Sovereign's Handbook by Augustus Blackstone (aka "Uncle Gus"). Without the fundamentals given in this book, I would not have gotten to first base nor would I have built my case on a solid foundation.

So here is an abridged version of what I did:

1. I read the above book cover to cover and followed the procedures to become a sovereign Elector.

2. I then followed Uncle Gus's procedure in Chapter 11 to attempt to extinguish all tax debt attached to my property.

3. I withdrew my property from registration.

4. I perfected a land patent on my property.

5. I complied with the Uniform Commercial Code whenever I received a "tax statement" in the mail.

6. As the treasurer and her "attorney" were totally uncooperative, I had to finally play my trump card: Article I, Section 10, united States Constitution - "No state shall.make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts." Uncle Gus knows how to play this card effectively.

After many unfulfilled requests for information and documents, I began to take steps to (potentially) place liens on certain county officials. In the process three lawfully recorded affidavits (which enumerated public disclosure violations) and $33 in recording fees were unlawfully removed from the county auditor's office without my consent and without a warrant (a felony in Washington.)

I subsequently sought a Declaratory Judgment against a prosecutor. However, my suit was dismissed.

You probably won't be surprised to learn that the judge never read my paperwork. I then began to press criminal charges and continue to do so.

When I reported the "theft under false pretenses" of my affidavits, a prosecutor, named in one of the stolen affidavits, threatened me (in writing) with undisclosed prosecution. Isn't it rather ironic that it is a felony in the state of Washington to threaten a civil "servant", but the "servants" can, with immunity, threaten a citizen for reporting a crime of a "servant?” Under these conditions I had to be careful in wording my communications so as not to threaten to sue a county "servant." Therefore, I simply made it clear that I "will defend my right to private property to the highest court in the land," which is not a threat but the assertion of a right.

Unfortunately, in today's world no one has any rights unless he or she is willing to defend them. I believe my success in defending my private property rights rests in the fact that 1) I used Uncle Gus's technology to build an airtight case, 2) I am willing to publicly expose abuse of power of civil servants, despite their intimidation tactics, 3) I made clear resolve to take my case to the united States' supreme court if necessary, and 4) it would cost "the county" far more to usurp my private property rights than it would ever collect through Marxist "taxation" or "foreclosure."

There are no guarantees, though. I believe the evidence that I have accumulated thus far reveals not only abuse of power by county officials but the fact that the Washington state governor and attorney general do not support the supreme law of the land but, instead, knowingly support the abuse of power by county officials. Frankly, I do not find this encouraging. However, last fall I perfected a land patent on a second parcel of land and the county has never challenged it.

To obtain a copy of The Errant Sovereign's Handbook, send $18.50 ( FRNs or the equivalent in coin only) to:

Augustus Blackstone
c/o postal service address 9986 N. Newport Highway, #221
Spokane, Washington [99218]

I do not receive any remuneration for plugging Uncle Gus's book. I am just very grateful because the information worked for me.

Yours in Liberty,

An American

"Steadfast and True in Washington State"


Note: We made the editorial decision to not publish this man's name due to the nature of his accomplishments. It has been proven to us that this man has indeed been able to obtain a land patent in Washington state. Those who are interested in more information are encouraged to write to him c/o The Idaho Observer. Just indicate “land patent” on the envelope and we will pass it on. Considering the battle this man went through and the victory he won for property rights in this country, we are honored to provide this small service. ~(DWH)

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