From the March 2001 Idaho Observer:

American jurisprudence and the imprisonment of the “lower class”

By Don Harkins

Before you read this month's back page, please read the story on page 19 then return to this most serious discussion. After this discussion, be sure to read Hari's 25,000 word analysis of what happened to him and why he decided to throw himself and his sacred honor onto the federal altar (It can be found at or by contacting The Idaho Observer).

To fully understand what has happened in our country, one must grasp the significance of “class” as it relates to western civilization. The elite, as distinguished by wealth and heredity, must create a lower class to afford its presumed superiority and the appetities such arrogance demands.

The European landscape, for example, is covered with evidence of how this socio/political dynamic has played out as castles still overlook the serfdom.

America, which was born of the idea that ordinary men were sovereigns whose only governor was God, has not been an easy nut to crack. Though our Constitution would not allow for kings, queens and a nobility class to officially exist, it did exist and it still needed to create and sustain a lower class upon which it could feed; upon which it could exploit the life's work of the citizenry as fuel for appetites too insatiable for us to comprehend.

What cannot be accomplished openly through wealth and heredity in our constitutional republic has been accomplished, over time, through our court system.

Hari proved it. All he did was ask them to prove how they had the right to question a few people who took their clothes off to go swimming in a river on a hot day.

When they would not answer that question, he asked them how they had the right to give him a federal citation on land that, by the laws he was studying, belonged to the state of Idaho. When they would not answer that quesion, he asked them how they had the authority to make him appear in their courts.

When they would not answer that question, he asked them why, if he would not pay the fine for a petty offense, did he suddenly face jail time, probation and a much bigger fine.

When they would not answer that question, he asked them how they could threaten to punish him for a misdemeanor as if he had committed a felony.

When they would not answer that question, he asked them why he was being denied a jury trial.

When they lied, sabotaged his defense of himself and found him guilty of things he did not do, sentenced him to serve felony time for a misdemeanor offense, he appealed the silliness to a higher court.

When the higher court upheld the lower court, he became a federal fugitive because he would not submit to their unproven authority.

Hari is one of my best friends. He is one of the most principled, intelligent and dedicated patriots in this country. He threw himself on the federal altar for all of us; he has given his most astute thoughts to us on page 18 of The Idaho Observer for over three years. Hari has committed his life and his sacred honor to the dream that one day this nation will once again be inhabited by free men whose only governor is God.

But we have a problem. Most Americans still cling to the illusion that they are free when they are nothing more than serfs upon whose backs an elite class satisfy their ungodly appetities.

On the one hand I do not want you to pity Hari, who still manges to meet his editor's deadline though he can no longer be with his family. On that hand, I hope that you will stand up and question the nonexistant authority that is turning this nation of free men into a prison of statutory slaves.

On the other hand, I would like for you to send a few dollars to me so I can give it to his family because it is in that hand I hold the real victims of this war against our sovereignty: You, Hari and I are not victims. We are the warriors whose lot in life is to fight this oppression. It is your children, Hari's children and my children who will inherit our sovereignty or slavery.

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