From the March 2001 Idaho Observer:

Arrest of Oroville micro broadcaster proves painful point:

In the absence of law, evil men unjustly imprison the virtuous

Mark Alan (Rabenold), 43, a man of impeccable character, is a pro-American micro broadcaster from Oroville, Wash. He was arrested the afternoon of February 8, 2001. He has been indicted for assault with a deadly weapon, his Oldsmobile. He is being prosecuted by the United States of America through Deputy U.S. Attorney Thomas Hopkins. The alleged assault occurred when the hand of a plainclothes federal marshall came in contact with the windshield of Mark Alan's car as he and another plainclothes marshall attempted to serve him with legal documents. The legal documents the U.S. Marshall's Service attempted to serve pertained to the Federal Communication Commission's insistence that Mark Alan cease and desist his broadcasts. FCC rules, U.S. Code and state law support his right to own and operate a low powered radio station of local public interest without FCC oversight.

An officer of the federal system, who would rather remain nameless for now, said, “They do not have the right to do what they are doing, but they have the power.”

There is no case against Mark Alan as he has broken no laws. There is only the lawless judicial power of a paranoid government that appears determined to use whatever means necessary to silence the voices of dissent that are beginning to shout their opposition to the steel-toed jack boot of federal tyranny.

We shall not take the persecution of this good man lying down. We will make them realize that Americans who matter are watching.

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