From the March 2001 Idaho Observer:

What you can do

If there was ever an American who deserves our loyalty and support, it is Mark Alan. He has a wife, six children and a grandmother who depend upon him. He could have spared himself and his family the agony of prolonged federal prosecution by setting his principles aside, paying the money and getting on with his life. However, for God, Country and You, he has held firm. He will not plea bargain nor in any way admit guilt because he has done nothing wrong.

Below are a list of numbers you can call. Call them. If you are within driving distance of Spokane and want to remember what it is like to be proud as an Amercian, call The IO and find out when Mark Alan's next court date is scheduled. The Federal Court Building in Spokane is on the NW corner of the intersection of Monroe and Riverside.

This is not one man's battle against a little federal agency. This is our collective battle against advancing tyranny and lawlessness in our courts. Do something.

Federal Communications Commission: 1-800-671-2233

Eastern Washington Federal District Court Clerk: (509) 353-2150

Judge Quackenbush: (509) 353-2180

U.S. Attorney, Spokane: (509) 353-2767

U.S. Marshall's Service, Spokane: (509) 353-2781

U.S. Congressman George Nethercutt: (509) 353-2374

Listed in the phonebook are email addresses for most of the numbers listed above if you would rather send an email to these federal agents.

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