From the February 2001 Idaho Observer:

Compartmentalizing the collective American mind through dominant media-induced trauma

By Don Harkins

As they were leaving, the Clintonistas reportedly stole and defaced everything in their path as one last parting shot over the bow of what remains of American pride. Why would they do that? How could it be so widely reported and not one of the perps have charges filed against him, her or it? Under what circumstances would an exiting presidential administration be so brazen as to destroy and steal public property in full view of the world and at one of the most secure residences in the world? Most importantly, where would the officers and staff of the most prestigious office in the “free” world find the irreverence within themselves to participate in a debauchery that could be best symbolized by dedicating a Washington Monument-sized granite middle finger on the White House lawn in front of the international press corps January 20.

The purpose of what is arguably the most embarassing event in U.S. history was to fool the American public into thinking that a new, more regal and responsible administration is moving in to clean up the mess left by eight years of Clinton domestic and foreign policy and Clinton personal scandal. You are supposed to believe that everything is different now and that GW is here to restore America to her former dignity and prosperity.

There is nobody who wishes that were true more than myself. But to believe GW was put into office to save this nation is to ignore the historically irrefutable omnipresence of a shadow government that has an agenda diametrically opposed to the principles of life, liberty and happiness for all men upon which this nation was founded. The shadow governors desire a form of global socialism that will allow a handful of power-elites to harvest the world's resources (including people) for fun and profit.

It can be argued that former CIA Director George Bush, Sr., one of the most active and influential “New World Order” proponents was actually the president during the Reagan era. After “winning” a war during his one “legitimate” term in office, a campaign plus that would have insured his reelection, he lost to Governor Clinton of Arkansas whose campaign was riddled with extra marital sex scandals and rumors of connections to organized crime. It would appear that Sr. gave the presidency to Clinton so that he could maneuver our nation of vanishing freedoms closer to the new world vision of his handlers behind the scandal and buffoonery of Bill Clinton.

If Sr. was the president behind the Reagan facade, if he was the president behind the Clinton facade, he is the president behind the GW facade. Under the shadow direction of Sr., this country has made great strides in its move toward occupation by an unconstitutional federal authority.

For those of you who are familiar with CIA mind control experiments through public disclosure of MK Ultra and MK Naomi, you will recognize what has been done here. Through media-induced trauma as a nation we have compartmentalized our Clinton-era personality. The parting acts of the Clintonistas are so horrible and so insulting that we will build psychological walls of denial around ourselves to forget the Clinton years. We will naturally look toward our new president, a nice man who is warm and friendly and not intellectually intimidating; a man who loves his wife and who can be trusted not to screw the country or her women. We will embrace him and hope that he will make us feel safe to be an American again.

While America breathes a mind control-media-manipulated sigh of relief now that the Clintonistas have finally made their irreverent exit stage left; while Americans are hopeful that, GW entering stage right will restore dignity to our insulted nation, Sr. assembles a cast of cabinet members that is a who's who of elitist players charged with taking America down her path toward a Brave New World.

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