From the February 2001 Idaho Observer:

Cleansing the Mind and Colon: First Steps toward Good Health

by Kathie Moe

Our body is supposed to be the temple of the living God. But with our fast-paced lives, we have become smelly cesspools that house fermenting, putrefying, rotting fecal matter. Most of us over eat, consume too much sugar, and splurge on awesome tastes and treats, particularly during the holidays.

Ultimately we awaken January 1 feeling tired, depressed and overwhelmed. Where do we start to change? In this column we will begin at the same place ill health and chronic disease begin: In our minds and in our colons

One thing many of us do not realize is that our negative thoughts and feelings actually solidify in the cells of our bodies in the form of toxins. The “dead” and toxic foods and drinks we consume tend to reflect and reinforce these negative thoughts and feelings. That old saying “garbage in/garbage out” is true for more than computers!

Let's consider for a moment the energy draining “dead” and toxic foods and drinks we consume. I had the privilege in the late 60s to meet and spend some valuable time with Dr. Henry Bieler, author of “Food is Your Best Medicine”. At the time my daughter was in a life-threatening situation and I needed answers. Dr. Bieler told me the primary cause of disease is not germs, but toxemia. A highly toxic condition in our body can result in cellular impairment and breakdown, paving the way for the multiplication and onslaught of germs.

He understood, as most of us do today, that the use of drugs is harmful at best and may in the long run create new disease. Back when Dr. Bieler was practicing medicine, which he did for over 50 years, food was still our best medicine. Unfortunately today, because of the depletion of vitamins and minerals in our soils and the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, it is increasingly difficult to get the nutrients our bodies require from the food we eat.

The standard American diet is deficient in critical electrolytes as well as vitamins and trace minerals. Combining our empty foods with the emotional and environmental tensions that seem to define our contemporary lives is a recipe for disaster.

Most Americans today have become so over-acid through what they eat and drink and think that their bodies are forced to create massive amounts of mucus in their digestive tract, especially in the intestines. In many cases some of the mucus and poisons our body retains has existed since shortly after birth.

It is interesting to note that as we cleanse the colon and this mucus begins breaking up many people begin to recall incidents that occurred long ago. We may even relive the emotions we experienced when we ate something special as a child.

What has been the “comfort foods” you have habitually eaten when you are upset? Do you ever “pig out” on ice cream or chocolate?

Research indicates that as long as the vibratory energy vortices of negative emotions, thoughts, or desires are within us, our minds and bodies will be patterned by them. Isn't it amazing to realize that our thoughts and feelings emit specific waves (like radio waves) of energy and vibrations that influence the patterns within our bodies?

Our negative thoughts and feelings create physical patterns that result in disease, while thoughts of love and joy create patterns that result in health, strength, and vitality.

Our minds are filled with recorded tapes, capable of sending messages out over and over again. These thoughts and feelings remain in our minds and bodies, attracting the substances that store those patterns and accurately reflect those messages. If we are mired in negativity, it is only a matter of time before these substances manifest in the form of toxins, weakening our immune system and allowing sickness.

It is true that emotions are stored in cell tissue throughout our body, but my experience reveals that in getting rid of mucoid plaque in the digestive tract, our mind becomes clear and we feel empowered to address the negative attitudes.

Remember, we did not become toxic in one month - patience and persistence are needed to produce the desired results. “Disease will never be cured or eradicated by present materialistic methods for the simple reason that disease in its origin is not material. Disease is in essence the result of the conflict between Soul and Mind, and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort,” explained Dr. Edward Bach, creator of Bach Flower Remedies.

When we don't trust that God is in control, conflict arises, bringing with it doubts and fears. I have found a study by Hal Huggins, D.D.S., M.S. to be simply amazing. Scientists took the saliva from a man who was in a rage and had it analyzed in a lab. The analysis revealed the composition of his saliva matched the composition of a rattlesnake's venom! Then they took the saliva and injected some of it into small animals. Each animal injected with the angry saliva died (If you are interested in Dr Huggins' book “The Cost of Root Canals” you may contact him at (719) 522-0566 in Colorado Springs, Co.)

Every single thought and feeling has an effect on the chemistry of our glands, hormones, and nervous system. I just read a study on Multiple Personality Disorder patients. This study revealed that each personality expressed different physiological responses and traits, even though they all shared the same body. The same body demonstrates startling physical changes when the only stimulus changes are in attitudes, feelings, and beliefs, observed by internationally-renowned wholistic healer, author and lecturer Deepak Chopra in his book “Quantum Healing.”

It is my experience that parental hostility can cause a condition where one's growth is severely stunted. In my case, my self esteem and ability to carry my babies to term was affected. “It was found that this variety of stress shuts off the growth hormone, somatotropin, produced by the pituitary gland,” said Richard Anderson, ND.

Behavioral problems result such as eating disorders, depression, sleep disturbances, lack of response to pain, poor performance on cognitive tests and delayed development of secondary sex characteristics are just a few the problems that have been linked to negative thinking and non-nurturing environments. Positive changes in the child's environment, combined with healthy eating patterns will often correct the symptoms mentioned above.

Our thoughts and emotions do have an impact on our well being. How we feel physically also has a bearing on how we think and feel emotionally. It has been my experience that we can improve our physical condition with diet, exercise, fresh air, clean water and a colon cleansing regimen as suggested by Dr. Bernard Jensen in “Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management.” Improvements in our mental well-being will follow an improved physical well-being.

In a future column I will suggest some changes in diet and eating habits and how the use of healing herbs will aid you in the process of restoring optimal health.


Kathie Moe is the director of Life Link Association, a health co-op in Coeur d'Alene where people are encouraged to exchange ideas and experiences regarding health so that successful techniques may be shared among those interested in taking responsibility for their own health. Moe can be contacted at: (208) 765-3082

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