From the February 2001 Idaho Observer:

Official documents prove Prewitt's innocence

Lucy Prewitt, the dedicated wife of Rex Prewitt, and a handful of friends spent hundreds of hours collecting and organizing the evidence that proves her husband was innocent of the vandalism at Snowy River Sheepskin and innocent of aggravated assault on a police officer. Once the evidence was organized, Mrs. Prewitt and Idaho Observer editor Don Harkins spent two days comparing and cross referencing the official documents we had accumulated. The result of their efforts was rendered into the document below. Mrs. Prewitt and Harkins then drove from the Olympia area of Washington where Mrs. Prewitt currently resides and submitted copies of the document, plus photos of the scene, to Bonner County Commissioners Dale VanStone, Brian Orr and Bud Mueller at the weekly public meeting April 27, 2000. For the record, Mrs. Prewitt addressed the commissioners and asked them to review the material and call for an investigation into the actions of those who participated in what appears to be a conspiracy to throw an innocent man into prison as a cover for the wrongful shooting of her husband.

April 27, 2000

Bonner County Commissioners meeting

Good morning gentlemen, my name is Lucy Prewitt.

We are here today so that those in attendance may understand the series of events that led to the wrongful prosecution, conviction and subsequent imprisonment of my husband Rex Prewitt for aggravated assault of a police officer.

As you are aware, Bonner County Sheriff's deputies Bill Tilson and Eric Skinner arrived at our home on Wild Turkey Road west of Sandpoint at 11:30 p.m., January 25, 1999, because they had taken it upon themselves to determine that my husband Rex Prewitt was allegedly a suspect in an attempted burglary of Snowy River Sheepskin on First Street in downtown Sandpoint at approximately 10 p.m.

Everything you are about to hear is all because somebody, who was not my husband, broke a window in downtown Sandpoint.

The following statement will prove that it is chronologically impossible for my husband to have committed the crime in Sandpoint and that the owner of Snowy River Sheepskin knows that Rex was not the man who broke the window of his store. The statement also proves that in order to obtain the conviction of my husband, officers of the court falsified evidence, manufactured evidence, violated due process, lied under oath and failed to present evidence that would prove his innocence. There was never a proper investigation conducted and none of the protocols of investigations of this type were followed by any of the agencies or officers involved.

The following list is a sample of the factors which prove that there was not even the pretense of a real investigation conducted into this matter:

1. It is known that five shots were fired by Bonner county. Investigators only found four casings at the scene and did not look for the fifth casing.

2. Of the five shots fired, only two slugs were found by investigators: The one that was removed from Rex's shoulder and the one that we later found imbedded in the toe of a boot on the porch (which, to my knowledge remains in evidence held by Bonner county but was never tested for DNA or other evidence). Investigators never found it important to locate the other bullets.

3. A Bonner county official is seen holding an evidence tag up against a piece of flesh that was stuck to the wall (See photo). Bonner county never took the flesh into evidence to determine whether it was human or feline (our cat Augie disappeared that night and we presumed he had been shot. He appeared three weeks later with what a veterinarian stated appeared to be a bullet wound to his foot). After several days, I took the flesh off the wall and paid to have it analyzed.

4. Five feet from the large amount of blood that indicates where my husband was shot is a large drop of blood. Samples of the stain were never analyzed even though officer recounting of events did not provide for such a stain to have occurred.

5. There was never any attempt made to explain the trajectory of the bullets. A look at the scene and a study of the deputies' evolving testimony proves that either magic bullets were fired or the deputies' story is physically impossible.

6. It was never questioned how Deputy Skinner's pepper spray and flashlight landed 18 inches apart even though, according to his own changing testimony, Deputy Skinner cannot remember what combination of items he was holding between his gun, pepper spray and his flashlight. It would seem critical to an investigation to know whether his gun was drawn or not, whether he had his flashlight out or not (and if he had it turned on) or if he had his pepper spray out.

7. In violation of police protocol regarding the handling of police firearms after a shooting, neither Tilson's gun nor Skinner's gun were checked, nor were their guns taken for further investigation. Since not all of the casings were located, it would have been prudent for both deputies to have surrendered their weapons.

8. There was never a crime scene analysis completed by an independent investigation from a state agency. Idaho State Police stated that it should have been called in to investigate but that it was never contacted by Bonner County to do so.

9. Investigators never talked to neighbors who were known to have either been eyewitnesses or ear witnesses to what actually transpired. One would think that for a real investigation to have taken place, witnesses would be interviewed.

10. The truck, which was the reason for BCSD to come to our home in the first place, was never photographed by investigators. The inside of the truck, for which a search warrant was obtained, was never photographed by investigators. The outside of the house was never photographed by investigators. The carport was never photographed by investigators. We can understand why these items were not photographed: The truck was not the truck described by Mr. Coates as leaving the scene of the attempted burglary of his store, therefore there was no reason to photograph the inside of the truck as it couldn't possibly contain evidence of the attempted burglary. Neither the house nor the carport were photographed because doing so, as you can see, would make Deputy Skinner's testimony appear to be perjurous as it is plainly obvious that Rex could not have seen the police arrive, with or without their lights on.

11. The blood/alcohol test results were never questioned by investigators. Shortly after arriving at Bonner General Hospital, Rex was tested to be .16 -- a level that reflects his story that he had two mixed drinks before going to bed. Somehow, two days later, a different report that did not qualify as evidence as the chain of custody had been broken, was used by Mr. Robinson as evidence that Rex had a BAC of .31.

12. Rex was ultimately convicted of Assault of a Police Officer because deputies Skinner and Tilson state that he burst from our home with a gun drawn. There was never any analysis conducted on the gun Rex allegedly brandished at them. There is good reason for this. As you can see from the photos, there are only a few (6) specks of blood near the gun grip. There is no way that this (cocked and unloaded) gun was being held by a man who was shot in the hand and, according to Deputy Skinner, kicked twice by him. Note also the specks of blood that outline the gun on the floor of the porch.

13. Investigators never subpoenaed phone records for dispatch calls.

14. Neither Skinner nor Tilson have ever been questioned under oath by independent investigators although their prior testimony is not conclusive nor corroborated by physical evidence.

15. Dispatch records have never been questioned even though Coates stated that he read the license plate number into his mobile phone while talking to 911.

16. Neither the pepper spray canister nor the flashlight were tested for blood

17. Motive was never established. We had money in the bank. Rex, a jeweler, had in excess of $20,000 worth of finished jewelry in our home that he owned. He had a good job and the following day he was to realize a promotion. We have testimony from a friend that Rex called him at 8 p.m. Rex did not commit the crime of breaking a window.

18. Investigators never took a look at all of the statements made by officers and dispatchers in an attempt to solve the myriad discrepancies that appear to hopelessly contradict one another.

As you can see, a proper and legal investigation by an outside agency was never held. The investigation was conducted by the two agencies that were originally engaged in the Snowy River Sheepskin vandalism and the shooting itself. These agencies' inadequate, incomplete and biased investigating has covered-up the wrongful shooting of Rex which led to his arrest. He was pushed through the courts by lies and fraudulent acts of the prosecution, attorneys and law enforcement agencies involved. Rex and his family have been sacrificed to cover-up the excessive force and near death shooting of him by Deputies Bill Tilson and Eric Skinner.

When Detective Valdez came onto the scene that night my husband claimed it had been a bad shooting and requested that the Idaho Criminal Investigation Bureau (ICIB) and the Idaho State Police be called in to investigate. Detective Valdez refused.

A friend of ours called the ICIB and requested an investigation. Their request was denied. Three days after the shooting, I myself called the Idaho State Police to ask them why the ICIB never investigated. The ISP told me that Bonner County Officials never called them and that they should have been called immediately after the shooting. The State Police would have sent the ICIB to investigate, as is customary in such cases, had Bonner County (or Sandpoint) officials requested them to do so. We were also told that our attorney Tevis Hull could have requested them to investigate, but when I asked him to call, he too refused to call.

The investigations conducted by Detective Valdez and Detective Anderson were incomplete and biased. Their investigations were based solely on deputies Tilson and Skinner's explanations. They overlooked evidence that we have in our possession. They did not preserve the crime scene. They did not check Eric Skinner's gun. They never looked at nor took possession of Deputy Tilson's gun. They did not follow legal procedures for searching our home.

Evidence and testimony corroborates the following claims:

We have witnesses who confirm that proper procedure with the use of patrol car lights was not used in approaching our home (1). Deputy Skinner did not have his lights on as he stated he did. One of these witnesses is a fellow police officer. Deputies Tilson and Skinner approached our home in a secretive manner under the cover of darkness. It was impossible to see onto our porch from inside our home. It was also impossible to see police cars from inside our home.

Deputy Skinner stated that he heard nothing from inside the house while on the porch, yet he heard the phone ringing while he approached the house from at least 15 feet from the porch after, he testified, he had requested dispatch to call the Prewitt residence. Deputy Skinner states that he never heard our three dogs barking inside the house or saw them run out at him when the door opened. (2)

Deputy Tilson states that he heard the phone ring also. (3)

No dispatch phone logs indicate that dispatch called our home at that time. The radio logs do not indicate that Skinner requested dispatch to call our home at that time. (4)

In other words, there is no evidence to support the deputies' claims that dispatch called Rex or that they heard the phone ringing inside the house (as per deputies' testimony under oath in court).

Two officers have stated in police reports that one of our dogs was so aggressive that Detective Anderson had to lock her in a bathroom. (4a)

There were at least three documented “house sweeps” done that night to look for other persons. The first one was documented 12 minutes after the call for “shots fired” went out. Skinner and Tilson say they waited 12 minutes to ensure no other people were in the house. They stated that they didn't know if anyone else was in there, and they were fearful that someone else would come out at them. So they waited 12 minutes alone with the front door wide open. Actually, they knew no one else was in there because they had already been in the house before other officers arrived.

Eric Skinner and Bill Tilson have committed perjury repeatedly throughout their reports, interviews and court testimony. They have told different stories to other officers, their superiors, the Review Board and in court. They seem to have a difficult time keeping their invented stories straight. They framed my husband after shooting him unarmed. They can't remember which lies they've told before. No matter how they tell their stories, it was a physical impossibility for Rex to have been holding a gun in his hands when he was shot. Medical evidence confirms this. He could not have been pointing a gun at Skinner or Tilson. Nor could he have been standing anywhere near the way they said he was and been shot through that hand. A medical statement says that it was the same bullet that went through Rex's hand and shoulder. The angle of the bullet wound through Rex's left hand and the entry of the shoulder wound shows how he was standing when he was shot. His hand was up in the air to shield his eyes. He was maced while Eric Skinner pulled him out of the house.

Through all the investigating of this case by the Sandpoint Police Department and Bonner County Sheriff's Department, not one person has talked to Rex's neighbors or family. None of our witnesses were ever deposed by Robinson or our attorney.

The only witnesses to the vandalism, the storeowners Mr. and Mrs. Coats, could not identify my husband in a police line up. (5)

We received a copy of the police line up from Sandpoint Police in December, 1999. It had been given to Phil Robinson on February 1, 1999. He withheld this from discovery. We received this document five months after sentencing from Sandpoint Police.

This was also concealed from the court. Mr. Coats could not identify our truck, doesn't remember the license number, and insists the ax used to break his window was not the ballpeen hammer found in our truck. (6)

By insisting that the ballpeen hammer was the instrument used to break the window, Mr. Robinson called Mr. Coats a liar.

Coats reported an English driving cap worn by the vandal. He did not see that the hat had a snap in the front. (7)

Officer Drumwright claims that he took a report from Mr. Coats (1/26/99) wherein Mr. Coats described that hat as having a snap in the front. Only after obtaining the hat from our truck could you see that it snapped in front. This lie by Officer Drumwright and later reinforced by Detective Anderson, was used to obtain the search warrant for my truck. (8)

Mr. Robinson states the glass found in our truck matched the glass from the Snowy River Sheepskin store. (9) FBI lab reports show they do not match. (10) An email comment from Dr. Ray Grimsbow of Intermountain Forensics of Portland, Ore., stated, after being shown the FBI report, that, “I do need more information to evaluate this data.” (11)

The gun that was allegedly held by Rex and pointed at the deputies was never tested for blood, fingerprints or flesh, or bullet damage. (12, 13). The blood on the gun is in tiny clear specks, with no smudges at all. This makes no sense considering the amount of blood that was evident after Rex was shot.

The empty gun was photographed with hammer cocked.

Skinner and Tilson testified that Rex was holding the gun firmly in both hands, yet there is no nick on the gun from being hit by the bullet that went through Rex's hand. There were no flesh pieces on the gun from the hole in Rex's hand. Deputies say they kicked the gun twice after it was dropped. Skinner says Rex, sitting Indian style, had the gun between his legs, and that he, Skinner, kicked the gun away from him. (14)

This is a physical impossibility. The blood didn't run or smear. There were blood specks on the deck around the gun, consistent with those on the gun -- after leaving Rex's hands and being kicked two times. Where was the gun when Deputy Tilson shot my husband? It was not in Rex's hands.

We know where the gun was. It was in the dresser drawer in our bedroom, unloaded and recently cleaned, with few if any fingerprints on it.

Rex, whose story has never changed, nor has it ever been proven to be inconsistent with physical evidence, claims that he had no idea who had shot him. Minutes after he was shot, Skinner asked Rex where he kept his gun. Blinded with pepper spray and in shock after being shot, Rex thought he was being robbed. He didn't realize until later that sheriff's deputies had shot him. In three of the police reports other officers stated that they heard him asking, “Why did they shoot me? What did I do?” (15)

In the Police Review Board hearing held 15 days after the incident, Officer Steve Maurer, designated spokesman, stated that he had read all the reports on the shooting, and that all the board members were familiar with them. (16)

Even with the knowledge of all the reports, they never questioned the lies told by deputies Tilson and Skinner. They accepted Deputy Tilson's statement that Rex jumped out the door, had the gun 1-2 feet from Deputy Skinner's face, and “I just instinct.there was no time for sight-line, so I just raised up, knew I couldn't hit Eric, and started shooting.” (17)

That's not what he reported in his police report. (18)

The Review Board never questioned this discrepancy.

Both officers told the review board that Rex should have known that they were police officers because he could see onto the porch and see the patrol cars in the driveway. There was no way that anything could be seen from inside the house. Both Officer Maurer and Officer Hutter were at my house that night. They knew you couldn't see out.

When asked, Tilson states that he instantly called in “shots fired, suspect down, we need an ambulance.” (19)

That is a lie. According to the Sandpoint radio log Deputy Skinner called in shots fired. Then 5 minutes later Deputy Skinner phoned in “subject down multiple shots.” (20)

Neither deputies Tilson or Skinner ever called for medical assistance or an ambulance. (21)

An ambulance was not dispatched for 18 minutes after “shots fired” was reported. (22)

The statement of Dispatcher Stephanie Merriam is in conflict with both the statements of Deputy Tilson and Deputy Skinner regarding who called whom immediately after “shots fired” had been announced by one or the other deputy.

The Shooting Review Board never questioned how Rex was shot. They ignored the discrepancies and previous reports and sided with the deputies. They simply stated to the courts, “Tilson was justified in using his firearm to protect himself as well as Deputy Skinner.” (23)

Two of the Board members were at our home during the investigation that night. (24)

Officers Hutter and Maurer being allowed to sit on the Review Board clearly presented a conflict of interest. The Review Board hearing was fraudulent and unethical and showed extreme prejudice regarding the shooting.

Mr. Robinson has committed perjury in court and lied to the attorney general's office. In a letter to Senator Shawn Keough dated November 18, 1999, Deputy Attorney General William von Tagen parroted statements made to him by Mr. Robinson when von Tagen asked him in response to Keough's inquiry on our behalf. Robinson told von Tagen that the tool used to break the window was a “hammer”; that the description of the truck resembled our truck and that the glass fragments found in the truck “matched the glass in the shop window.” (25)

We have already proven that these three things are not true. Robinson lied to his superiors in order to prevent them from calling for an independent investigation into this matter.

Von Tagen did mention something interesting in his letter. He said that Robinson told him that, “The house was dark.” Rex has said this. Witnesses have said this -- but deputies Tilson and Skinner have both stated that the porch light was on.

From the first day of prosecution, Mr. Robinson maintained that my husband had a .31 Blood Alcohol Count when he allegedly assaulted police officers (26). This blood test was dated February 1, 1999 -- six days after Rex was shot. This report has no date of admission on it, had been faxed to three different numbers and classified “for pre-employment” purposes. I believe this report is fraudulent and forged.

We have traced this report through Treasure Valley Labs in Boise. We have been told that because it has Rex's name on it, it has not been a “chain of custody” report. Furthermore, it is not admissible as evidence in a criminal matter. Yet this BAC was used all the way through the pretrials and the presentencing investigator's report.

Rex has always maintained he had only a couple of drinks and then went to bed. Our neighbor verifies that Rex called him at 8:00 pm from home before going to bed. Mr. Robinson presented to the court a very, very drunk man who, in his nearly comatose stupor, sat at home waiting for police to arrive, and then met them at the door with an unloaded gun.

At sentencing it was discovered that the true blood alcohol test, performed by Bonner General Hospital shortly after Rex arrived there, was never admitted into evidence. Mr. Robinson had withheld it. The accurate test was admitted into court at sentencing. The test taken at Bonner General Hospital less than two hours after Rex was shot shows him at a .16, or 2 mixed drinks.

Phil Robinson changed the charge of misdemeanor vandalism to a felony of Attempted Burglary even though it was just a window breaking. On February 11, Judge Debra Heise threw the Attempted Burglary charges out of court for lack of evidence and no documentation of a license plate number (27).

Mr. Robinson later brought back the charge of Attempted Burglary, saying the FBI report verified the glass found in our truck as being the same glass from the store window. Again this has been demonstrated to be false. It was not the same glass. Robinson committed perjury and falsified evidence. On May 5, 1999, Judge Paul McCabe ordered Rex to be held over to district court for Attempted Burglary because of the glass analysis (28).

The search warrant for my truck, dated January 26, was obtained to collect evidence for the misdemeanor of “Malicious Injury to Property.”

Why did Robinson charge Rex with Attempted Burglary? Robinson had to manufacture a reason that would justify deputies being at our home that night. The deputies should not have come to our home at 11:30 at night over a misdemeanor.

In 1994 the Idaho State Bar gave Phil Robinson a public reprimand for his admitted violation of “Idaho Rule of Professional Conduct, 8.4(c), conduct involving dishonesty, deceit or misrepresentation in written statements made to the court” (29).

Evidently, this reprimand given to Mr. Robinson in 1994 did nothing to alter his behavior and ethics while practicing law. He is still apparently unable to practice law ethically and legally as an elected official in Bonner county.

The 14th Amendment guarantees that, “no State shall deprive any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within his jurisdiction, the equal protection of the laws.”

My husband's rights under the 14th amendment were violated. These deputies almost took his life. These deputies deprived him of his liberty by acting outside the law and their superior's direction. These deputies and other officers stole property from us without proper search warrants, and stole our privacy by invading our home, using our telephone and threatening our friends who called.

Investigators overlooked evidence, were negligent in their questioning of witnesses, and ignored, for cover up purposes, facts and physical evidence showing that deputies Tilson and Skinner were lying. Rex was gunned down, denied medical treatment for 20 minutes, and forced to suffer extreme cold while laying in his own blood (30).

My husband was denied access to family or legal representation for 48 hours and handcuffed to his hospital bed while not knowing for what he was being charged. He was denied a proper and thorough investigation, and was forced by our attorney, police officials and the prosecution to take the fall for a police blunder. He was not given equal protection of the law, he was shot and maimed by the law. The law did not protect my husband. The “Law” almost killed him.

There are dozens of other facts not admitted into the investigation and many other lies that are proven. All you have to do is read court transcripts to see the continued perjury of Eric Skinner and Bill Tilson. There is no speculation to this; it is documented. To relate all of the facts at this time would take hours. All the facts are available for anyone to see. No one in authority has asked to see them. Are they afraid of what they will discover? Do they ignore the evidence because they know my husband is innocent? Ignorance is bliss.

The cover-up is obvious. The evidence of the shooting shows that it was impossible for the events of that night to have happened the way Tilson and Skinner have said and investigators have accepted this. It didn't happen any of the six different ways Eric Skinner has claimed. There were only three people on my front porch at 11:30 that night. Only they know the truth. Two of them are not telling the truth.

There are other officers who “know” what happened, although they weren't there. Some of these men conspired to cover-up the truth. Some of them have consciences because after Rex's sentencing seven Bonner County deputies apologized to Rex for what happened. They too know the truth; they too know he is innocent.

Perhaps with your help, some of these officers will find the courage to break the “code of silence” and help themselves to rid their department of the unethical and dangerous officers among them.

Many people have asked why Rex plea-bargained. I am now going to tell them why. My husband did not plead guilty, he entered an Alford Plea to one count of aggravated assault on a police officer. As definition of this plea, Rex felt the evidence was so stacked against him that a jury would find him guilty. With the fraudulent investigation and malicious prosecution conducted against my husband by law officers and the prosecuting attorney, plus the questionable allegiance of our attorney, chances of getting a fair trial were non-existent. Our attorney refused to get a change of venue, he refused to subpoena witnesses and he showed incompetence in representation. The morning we were to go to trial, June 4, Tevis informed Rex and me that Judge Michaud had made a ruling, which would have made it impossible for us to receive a fair trial. Rex was advised by Tevis to plead guilty. Tevis told us, “I can not overcome the obstacles you are faced with”. He told us that he was not able to defend Rex. Rex refused to plead guilty. He was facing 57 years in prison if found guilty of all charges. Without competent and ethical representation by our attorney, and with the manufactured case against him, he felt he had no choice but to accept the 2-10 year plea bargain offered him. He was sentenced to 7-10 years. In December, five months after sentencing, we discovered, through court transcripts that had until now been kept from us, that the sentence ordered by Judge Michaud was more severe than what Tevis told us it would be.

Gentlemen, as county commissioners you have the power over the activities of all Bonner county officials. You have the legal and “voted in” obligation to see that the actions of county law enforcement agencies are monitored and questioned when necessary. The actions of these officers and officials reflect on all of Bonner County. These accused officers show total disregard and lack of respect to the other officers who perform their duties with diligence and honor.

You have the authority, and the ethical obligation, to assist me in getting a proper and immediate investigation into the acts of Bonner County Deputies Tilson and Skinner, and the cover-up that followed. When the obvious truth of what happened that night is finally accepted, and the cover up acknowledged, then perhaps we can destroy the ulcer that is festering here in Bonner County, due to cases such as ours. The length of time it takes for this cleansing rests with you, and all the conscientious citizens and law enforcement officials of Idaho.

I will be bringing formal complaints against those officers who have participated in the wrongful prosecution of my husband.


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After delivering this powerful and impeccably footnoted address, with copies of all documents cited and photos all packaged up in binders and given to the county commissioners for their further consideration, nothing has happened. Though the evidence shows that police shot an innocent man that was guilty only of being asleep on his couch, not one Bonner county official, not one state senator or state representative, not the attorney general, not the governor or any of his many aides and staffers have determined that an injustice of this magnitude warrants a real, impartial investigation of the evidence. So, Prewitt has filed his own complaint and the dedicated lay people who are determined to see justice prevail in this matter continue to plug away until Prewitt is released from prison and his property and his family are returned to him and those involved issue a public apology. That would be justice.

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