From the January 2001 Idaho Observer:

Book Review: Blueprint for a Prison Planet

By Kevin Tighe

Have you ever looked into the eyes of an American and found the blank stare of somebody who is a prisoner of his world wherein all he has time for is working and consuming? Have you ever wondered how your friends, your family and your countrymen have been so easily conditioned to believe that the meaning of life is to work and consume?

Many of us have spent years researching the purported coming of the New World Order. Most of us have also spent a lot of time telling “sleepers” about it. The zealous manner in which we describe “the conspiracy” often pushes them farther away from the facts rather than bringing them closer. I should know. I am considered the pariah in my family.

I am convinced that most people prefer our current system of statutory slavery to freedom because with freedom comes responsibility. Every now and then, however, I meet a person who just doesn't get it but would if only I could figure out the key that would allow them to open the door to my brain so they can receive the things I have to teach them.

“Blueprint for a Prison Planet” by British conspiracy researcher Nick Sandberg may be that special key for those people.

In all honesty, the text is a little rough. It has a few typos and a few areas could be tighter in a literary sense. But it is only 40 pages, is free for downloading off the Internet and provides fresh insight into our collective predicament that is honest and compelling. Its logic is flawlessly simple.

In “Blueprint” Sandberg has constructed fairly tight, easy to follow lines of logic which describe the basic history of the conspiracy as we know it and brilliantly ties it to our current condition -- that we are prisoners on a prison planet who have been sentenced through conditioning and injustice to work and consume until we die. The manner in which the conspiracy has unfolded over time until present day provided Sandberg with the data to also pose likely, albiet unpleasant, predictions for the future -- a future that includes a cashless society for a microchipped world of planet prisoners.

Sandberg calls the style of writing he used in Blueprint “primordial fear integration.” His style does elicit emotional responses to the material, but its no more traumatic than political intrigue or science fiction novels and is equally compelling to the potential sleeper reader.

Blueprint is an easy to read primer that can be given to family or friends who will view it as either great science fiction or gut wrenching truth depending on whether they prefer their slave staus or have just been handed the key to unlocking the mysteries of how we have allowed ourselves to become inmates on a prison planet.

You can find Blueprint for a Prison Planet at:

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