From the January 2001 Idaho Observer:

Legislative and executive anarchy

Who are the real anarchists? Who are the real terrorists? Webster's Dictionary defines them both. The definitions we use for both anarchy and terrorism give us the answer to those questions. All we have to do is be honest with ourselves.

commentary by Keith Allison, D.Dn.

Assistant Attorney General John H. Keith once called me an anarchist in Judge F. James Gavin's court. My response to both John and Judge Gavin pretty much displayed the contempt I feel toward those who abuse the power of their positions in government. I hold a special level of contempt for any judge who allows himself to be approached off the bench, and caves in to political pressure to promote a political agenda. I felt then, as I do now, John actually paid me a compliment by calling me an anarchist, because the Founding Fathers of this nation were referred to as anarchists by the British. Those who would refer to me as such should take a closer look at themselves; after all, I have done nothing more than insist on equality under the law, not special privilege for myself at the expense of others.

Based upon Webster's definition of anarchy, I would have to say that because of recent activity by government personnel, I believe their actions, not mine, more closely fit the popular definition of anarchy. Webster defines an anarchist as (2) “A person who promotes anarchy, as by flouting or ignoring rules, duties, orderly behavior, etc.” Further, Webster defines anarchy as (1) “The complete absence of government; (2) Political disorder and violence; lawlessness: (3) Disorder in any sphere of activity.” Well, when Webster described an anarchist as one “Who promotes anarchy by flouting or ignoring rules, duties, etc.,” and anarchy as “The complete absence of government,” in my humble opinion, that pretty well defines what government in Washington State is all about these days.

In an attempt to cast citizens in a less than favorable public light, government personnel seem to never hesitate to make scurrilous and inflammatory comments about members of the public. More often than not, it appears this is being done for no better reason than the person or persons being attacked refuse to comply with some questionable government agenda. But, when these same public servants refuse to perform the tasks they were hired to do, they generally find some lame excuse for not doing their job.

By way of an example, lets take a close hard look at the ongoing issues surrounding the Denturist Licensing Act (RCW 18.30). The proponents of the scam knew they were violating the law when they required full licensure for denturists; they knew their demand for a payment of $10,000 in return for a guaranteed denturist license was extortion; they knew they were, in effect, selling state licenses; they knew they were attempting to restrict/restrain free trade; they knew they were violating the constitutional rights of the denturists who refused to comply with their illicit demands; they knew they created a fraudulent condition when they placed I-607 on the ballot; they knew they were selectively prosecuting those denturists who remained vociferous in their complaints about what was transpiring; and they knew they were violating federal and state RICO (organized crime) laws. Because of these blatant criminal acts, it would seem that government should be turning cartwheels over the opportunity to drag such loathsome individuals into court, and possibly incarcerate them for the next 50 years or so. The operative words being, “It would seem that.” However, that is not the case.

Washington state legislators and members of the judicial branch of government, county and state, have all been apprised of the violations of federal and state laws that occurred in relation to RCW 18.30, but each has refused to do anything about it. (The governors' office has also been notified, and I'm still waiting for a reply from them.)

The Yakima County Sheriff's Office is unable to do anything about it, because The Office of The County Prosecutor (Jeff Sullivan) has refused to allow them to investigate the matter. Members of the legislature have been provided with the violations that occurred, and the titles and numbers of the statutes that have been violated, but they show no proclivity to pursue the issue. And The Office of The Attorney General has received a copy of the same information supplied to Jeff Sullivan's office and the legislature, but they REFUSE to investigate the matter. Assistant Attorney General Brian T. Moran, Chief Criminal Prosecutor for The Office of The Attorney General, has refused to investigate the allegations, due to “the appearance of fairness,” of him having to investigate his own boss, Washington State Attorney General Christine O. Gregoire and her potential criminal involvement in the matter.

During a telephone conversation with Mr. Moran, he nervously told me of his reluctance to investigate Ms. Gregoire because of the “appearance of fairness” issue. But, I can unequivocally say, even after reading the allegations against the proponents and participants of the fraudulent acts, he did not appear unduly concerned about the lack of fairness with the states involvement in selective prosecution, civil rights violations, racketeering, etc.

So, who are the anarchists here, government and the proponents and participants in the I-607 scam, or me? Who is refusing to do the job they are mandated by law to do -- government or me? Who is creating anarchy by refusing to investigate and/or prosecute those state citizens and/or employees involved in a fraudulent scheme -- government or me? After all, when government refuses to hold participants in a fraudulent scheme accountable for their actions, does that not lead to anarchy? Does that not tell the average citizen that the law only applies when it's in the interest of government or its friends? But worst of all, does that not tell the world that we are no longer a people with equal protection under the law?

Tis a sad day indeed, when the law only protects “the chosen few.”

© Keith Allison, 2000


Mr. Allison is a regular columnist for the Upper Valley Press from Naches, Washington.

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