From the January 2001 Idaho Observer:

Judicial Anarchy

By The Idaho Observer

For those who have been forced to challenge local, county, state and federal governments' authority to abuse and violate laws intended to protect the rights of ordinary citizens, there is no question that the people of this nation do live in a state of judicial anarchy. Judges may admit or deny any evidence regardless of its relevance or lack thereof; they are able to make, change or ignore laws as they see fit; control the thoughts and actions of juries; and have come to enjoy total license for mischief where the lives, property and freedom of the American people are concerned.

By 2001 judges have granted themselves immunity from prosecution. No matter how lawlessly they behave on the bench, judges have become a law unto themselves and justice will only prevail if it happens to coincide with whatever the judge determines to be in his or the state's best interests. “Justice” is the least important factor in the litigation equation.

The U.S. Supreme Court: The dislocating shoulder that freed government from its constitutional straightjacket

The following anatomical allegory, taken from Kenneth Royce's book “The Hologram of Liberty,” is perhaps the best way to describe the role that the courts of this nation, parroting the Supreme Court, have played in freeing government from its constitutional straighjacket.

“The Constitution was to be the confining straightjacket of the new federal government. Although the government was to have use of its legs for international purposes (and some domestic ones) its torso was to be bound up, restricted from hobbling the states.”

All the body needs is an inch of new movement and it can eventually wriggle out of the straightjacket. Houdini dislocated his shoulder to escape from straightjackets.

Our constitutional body has a hand, the executive branch; an arm, the legislative branch and a shoulder, the Supreme Court. We may have three branches of government, but they are part of the same federal torso and all of them want to be free. The hand can do nothing without the arm and the arm cannot shorten itself. Only the shoulder can dislocate. The straightjacket was not designed to hold a dislocated shoulder.

The shoulder is the key. Only it can dislocate and foil the straightjacket's design. The shoulder's extra room to maneuver will in time extend to the arm and the hand.” Once the arm is out of its sleeve it can begin unbuckling the straightjacket.

The nine people pictured above represent the dislocating shoulder which has given the arm freedom of movement to allow the dexterity of the hand to unbuckle the entire garment.

Royce believes the dislocating shoulder was no accident. “...the straightjacket designers had forseen the shoulder's guaranteed dislocation, yet did nothing to prevent it. Why not? For simple and filial reasons: The intended prisoner was actually the son of the straightjacket designers (if coerced to restrain my son, I'd leave him some way out).

The Constitution states, “The Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended.” At least half of this country's 2 million prisoners have been convicted for the commission of victimless crimes. Millions more are cited every day for victimless statutory violations.

The Constitution also forbids bills of attainder and ex post facto laws. There are hundreds of laws on the books which either protect certain people or target certain people for prosecution; particularly in environmental matters, people are commonly prosecuted for actions that were not criminal at the time they were committed.

The Constitution forbids the levy of a direct tax against property, but we have an income tax.

The examples above are only a few of ways the Supreme Court, which sets the standard for the inferior courts, has unconstitutionally ruled in favor of governments as they have passed and enforced unconstitutional laws.

Our mission is to figure out a way for government to be put back into its straightjacket and be made to stay there.

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