From the December 2000 Idaho Observer:

Judicial college teaches intolerance for patriots

RENO -- The National Judicial College here is where 3,500 judges per year come from all over the country to meet requirements for continuing education -- and to learn how to deal with pesky patriots in their courtrooms.

Teaching from a text called “The Anti-Government Movement Guidebook,” judges are being taught how to deal with every patriot legal tactic from the moment they make their first “pro-se, pro-per or imprior persona filing.”

The same college teaches classes which instruct judges how to work with the media.

The legal implications of teaching a class which would prejudice a judge are astounding.

The text is broken down into chapters that deal with such topics as common law, gold fringed flags, crossing the bar, refusing to speak, counsel of choice and jury nullification. Judges are instructed on how best to respond to each patriot point.


Next month The IO intends to dedicate pages 11-14 to what can best be branded as judicial anarchy in America. At that time a more detailed description of the text will be published and a plan of how we should intelligently proceed with this information will be advanced.

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