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Abused in custody: Jay Kimball needs your help now

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By The Idaho Observer

James Kimball TAMPA-- After his October 19, 2000 conviction for violating U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) labeling laws, Liquid Deprenyl Citrate (LDC) developer Jay Kimball, 60, while in the custody of the U.S. Marshal's Service, was handcuffed, waist-chained, leg-ironed and, for no apparent reason, transported 150 miles from the Hillsborough County Jail (HCJ) here to the Hendry County Jail in LaBelle. Kimball was returned to HCJ Nov. 20 with numerous injuries.

An HCJ employee reportedly stated that Kimball must have been transported in error as, considering his age and the nature of his conviction, he should never have been sent to LaBelle. LaBelle is a facility that has been described as a deplorable, inhumane and bacteria-infested hell hole.

Kimball was sentenced by Florida District Federal Judge Richard Lazzara to serve 13 years for "misbranding" LDC-a crime which would ordinarily earn a three-year prison stay. On one hand the judge said to the prosecutors, "you had thousands of names and phone numbers, you failed to produce one complaint of harm or loss, to the contrary I have seen testimony and received letters about how good the product is. NO HARM DONE."

Then on the other hand he states "Mr. Kimball does not respect authority, he does not respect the law. "

Lazzara also stated that Kimball's actions were "ANARCHY" in order to justify sentencing Kimball to serve more than four times federal sentencing guidelines for such a crime.

Though the FDA has been persecuting Kimball since LDC became available to victims of degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's in 1990, the federal agency admits that there has never been one consumer complaint or even one reported adverse reaction attributable to LDC. To the contrary, the court and the FDA have been provided with the results of 3,000 clinical case studies conducted by the University of Toronto which proved the product's safety and efficacy. The court was also provided hundreds of letters from LDC users who have had their quality of life returned to them with the help of the natural nutritive plant product derived from the ephedra plant.

After Lazzara arbitrarily passed sentence on Kimball based primarily on his defiance of non-scientific federal authority, U.S. marshals took custody of the 60-year-old man and justified further abuse with a false charging report produced by the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department.

The report, which follows Kimball through the "justice" system, stated as of 11/20/00 that Kimball had been convicted in federal court for manufacturing, distributing, dispensing and possessing cocaine.

The speedometer in the transport van containing six male and two female prisoners with no seat belts in the vehicle except for the marshals, reportedly reached 100 mph as it careened through traffic en route to LaBelle. Kimball was catapulted out of his seat two times and suffered injuries to his shoulder for which he was denied medical attention when he arrived at the LaBelle facility. He also lost his voice and experienced difficulty breathing but was not allowed to see a doctor the entire time he was behind bars in LaBelle.

U.S. Marshal Vasquez, one of the transport deputies, reportedly subjected Kimball to a five-minute stream of extremely profane verbal abuse in front of LaBelle officials immediately prior to Kimball's return trip to Tampa. During the return trip Vasquez caused Kimball to fall again and injured his tailbone. Kimball did receive proper medical attention upon his return to HCJ.

Robin Hill of the U.S. Marshal's Service office in Tampa refuses to comment on her agency's treatment of Kimball but she did see to it that the charging report was changed. The report, which is available on-line at

has been changed to reflect a conviction for the manufacture, distribution and possession of "synthesized narcotics" -- which is also false as Kimball was not convicted of that crime and LDC is not a synthesized narcotic.

The U.S. Marshal's Service is apparently insistent upon incorrectly identifying the nature of Kimball's conviction so that hardened prison officials who only know Kimball by what the "official" report tells them will treat him in the worst possible manner. In the court of common sense, Kimball was convicted in federal court for helping people to overcome degenerative disease without federal approval. Since his conviction for having the courage to continue helping people regardless of his own safety, he has been physically and mentally tormented by a prison system that believes him to be a convicted drug manufacturer/dealer.

Attached for your consideration are two articles written over a year ago. They serve as an accurate overview of a decade of events that led to Kimball's federal conviction.

Please help us to stop the cruel and unusual abuse of Jay Kimball. The names and numbers provided below should hear about this. Call them. We need to flood these people, particularly the politicians, with phone calls so that they understand Kimball is not alone. For more information or verification of this example of how the federal government really views its citizens, call Don Harkins of The Idaho Observer at: (208) 255-2307.


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See also: THE REAL LIQUID DEPRENYL STORY Google Search: "Liquid Deprenyl Citrate" *** JUDGES JudgeRichard A. Lazzara (Trial and Sentencing Judge) 801 N Florida Ave. Tampa,FL 33611 tel:(813)301-5350 MagistrateThomas B. McCoun,III 801 N Florida Ave Tampa,FL 33602-4500 tel:(813)301-5553 NEWSPAPERS St.Petersburg Times Jane Peppard- Tampa Publisher(813)226-3354 Neville Green- Tampa Managing Editor(813)226-3370 TimesPublishing Co. Fax:(813)226-3381 490 First Ave. S. St. Petersburg, FL 33701 Tampa Tribune Reid Ashe- Publisher & President S. Bruce Witwer- Managing Editor 202 S. Parker St. Tampa, FL 33606-2395 Phone:(813)259-7600 (Editors & Reporters) (813)259-7711(all other calls) AGENTS Rande Matteson, FDA Special Agent 865 S.W. 78th Ave.,Suite 201 Plantation,FL 33324 tel:(954)476-5434 Fax:(954)476-5435 Agent Lang,FDLE(I.D.# 00283) Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement Criminal Investigation Division 4211 Lois Ave. Tampa,FL 33611 Tel:(813)878-7300 "workedin conjunction with Matteson" ConfidentialInformant and Discovery's LegalAdvisor and Compliance Officer Louis Tredwell Smith 4318Foxwood Blvd. WesleyChapel, FL 33543 tel:(813)782-4670 email: Deborah Orr, HRS Agent Florida Dept. of Health 905 Martin Luther King Blvd. Suite340 Tarpon Springs, FL 34689 tel:(727)942-5405 PROSECUTING ATTORNEYS Michael L. Rubenstein, Esq. U.S. Dept. of Justice Assistant U S Attorney 400 N. Tampa St.,Suite 3200 Tampa,FL 33602 tel:(813)274-6000 fax:(813)274-6125 Jennifer Bragg Jones Special Assistant U S Attorney for the FDA U S Dept. of Justice 400 N. Tampa St.,Suite 3200 Tampa, FL 33602 tel:(813)274-6000 fax:(813)274-6125 Dennis Degan Investigator and Senior Litigation Specialist 1560 East Jefferson Detroit,MI 48207 tel:(313)226-6260ext 135 SENATORS Bob Graham 524 Senate Office Bldg. WashingtonDC 20510 (202)224-3041 Connie Mack 517 Hart Senate Office Bldg. WashingtonDC 20510 (202)224-5274 REPRESENTATIVES Michael Bilirakis 4111 Land O' Lakes Blvd., Ste 306 Land O' Lakes, FL 34639 tel:in LOL (813)996-7441 in DC (202)225-5755 Charles Canady 124 Tennessee Ave.,Ste125 Lakeland,FL 33801 tel:in Lakeland(863) 688-2651 in DC (202) 225-1252 Jim Davis 3315 Henderson Blvd.,Ste 100 Tampa,FL 33609 tel:in Tampa(813)354-9217 in DC (202)225-3376 Dan Miller 2424 Manatee Ave.,Ste 104 Bradenton,FL 34205 tel:in Bradenton (941)747-9081 in DC (202)225-5015 Governor Jeb Bush The Capitol Tallahassee,FL 32399-0001 tel:(850)488-4441 fax:(859)487-0801 U S MARSHAL Vasques transported Jay from La Belle to Tampa Robin Hill, Supervisor Don R Moreland (Marshal in charge) (for middle district of FL) U S Courthouse 801 N Florida Ave Tampa,FL 33602-4519 tel:(813)274-6401 John W Marshall (in Washington DC) U S Courthouse 333 Constitution Ave N W Washington,DC 20001 tel:(202)353-0600 or SuperiorCourthouse 500 Indiana Ave N W Room C250 Washington,DC 20001 tel:(202)616-8600 Captain Susan Cybil (Runs the facility) Hendry County Jail in La Belle PO Box 579 Dep. La Belle, FL 33975 tel:(863)674-4060 fax:(863)674-4070

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