From the November 2000 Idaho Observer:

Welcome to the real world

Are you equal to the challenge of acting purely from principle?

There is a real world and a fake world. It would appear that we live in either one or the other.

In the fake world, the most important issue for this coming presidential election is who is going to pay the rising costs of drugging the elderly.

In the real world drugs are blocking the elderly's absorption of nutrients. They are no longer dying of old age but are starving to death after giving their lifesavings to pharmaceutical companies and the “assisted living” institutions that administer pharmaceutical company's drugs.

In the fake world, governments and doctors are administering vaccines to protect the public from infectious diseases.

In the real world vaccines are killing babies, altering the genetic composition of their parents and are largely responsible for pandemic immune system suppression that is causing millions of people people to die slowly, painfully and expensively from a wide spectrum of degenerative diseases.

In the fake world governments put fluoride in the drinking water and dentists paint it on teeth to prevent cavities.

In the real world, fluoride is being used to make people stupid, suppress their immune systems, make their bones brittle and aid the delivery of other toxins (such as vaccines and other pharmaceuticals) into their tissues.

In the fake world there is such a thing as the “Middle East Peace Process.”

In the real world the “Middle East Peace Process” is how world leaders prey upon the sentiments of well-meaning people from all over the world justify throwing billions of public dollars into an irreconcilable issue.

In the fake world people elect people to public office based upon their promises to make things better.

In the real world politicians are just the life support system to vocalize empty rhetoric as a cover for the government machinery which is systematically taking control of our lives.

And we could go on ad infinitem.

In the fake world, we are just one more government program away from Leave it To Beaver.

In the real world we are just one manufactured event away from the beginning of a chain of events in which a lot of people are going to die and the rest will become slaves to the masters of the global plantation.

So how can we be “welcomed” into the real world when all that seems to be there is inevitable death and destruction?

Why wouldn't somebody desire to remain in the fake world and go about one's life in confidence that what is happening all around them won't actually happen to them?

In the fake world relationships are conditional and everything is worth whatever they can convince you to pay for it.

In the fake world people make decisions based upon fear and greed because they need to hold onto whatever they are allowed to have.

In the real world, life is simple because you realize that you really have nothing left to lose -- except your decency and your relationship with your maker.

In the real world, among the people who are in it, there are no lies and no deceit and you awaken each day fully aware that you are here to make the world a better place.

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