From the November 2000 Idaho Observer:

Fluoride and Aspartame: Toxin delivery express?

Wanted: Science to prove the following observation incorrect

By now most of The Idaho Observer's readers understand that government-sponsored fluoridation removes “choice” from the medical freedom equation. Many of you also understand that fluoride, a byproduct of phosphate fertilizer and aluminum production, is one of the most caustic substances on earth, its toxicity level is rated alongside lead and arsenic, is a known carcinogen, mutogen and immunosuppressant that causes brittle bones in the elderly and fluorosis in the teeth of children.

By now most of The Idaho Observer's readers also understand that the FDA-approved artificial sweetener “aspartame” readily decomposes into the toxic substances methanol and formaldehyde where it can cause people to experience any combination of a list of symptoms that range from irritability to death.

Understanding the toxicity of fluoride, why do you think governments and the American Dental Association persist in making sure that every man woman and child be adequately fluoridated?

Understanding the toxicity of aspartame, why do you think the FDA and food and beverage companies insist upon making sure all Americans have access to foods and drinks containing aspartame?

Andreas Schuld, a musician-turned researcher who has searched the world over and located almost 40,000 documents concerning fluoride, may have the answer to the fluoride question:

Many commercial crop fertilizers and pesticides contain fluoride. Fluoride is added to those products to help “deliver” the more active ingredients into the plant tissues.

Schuld believes that fluoride is being administered to people to more efficiently “deliver” toxins (such as vaccines and organophosphates like malathion) into the tissues of people. The science of fluoride indicates that fluoride will more efficiently “deliver” toxins into the tissues of people.

James Bowen, M.D., who has dedicated his energies and resources to scientifically exploring the effects of aspartame, may have answered the aspartame question:

An extremely high percentage of service personnel who drank quantities of aspartame-sweetened soft drinks returned from the Gulf War with myriad allergies and multiple chemical sensitivities. Dr. Bowen's research indicates that aspartame is highly reactive with other chemicals which can make the human body hypersensitive to a plethora of toxic substances.

If Schuld and Dr. Bowen's findings are right, government agencies are knowingly and willingly using their authority to expose as many people as possible to fluoride and aspartame so that the world of toxic material is more efficiently “delivered” into our tissues where they can do the most damage.

To find the source material which scientifically proves that fluoride does not prevent tooth decay but does cause a broad spectrum of physical complications and mental imbalances, visit the website at:

To find the source material which scientifically proves that aspartame is a systemic poison that causes innumerable physical and mental problems in people, visit the website at:

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