From the November 2000 Idaho Observer:

Researcher believes aspartame promotes hypersensitivity syndrome

Complications from sweetener may appear, continue long after exposure is removed

By Don Harkins

Most people are by now aware that the artificial sweetener aspartame becomes formaldehyde, a dangerous toxin for which neither the Food and Drug Administration nor the Environmental Protection Agency has identified a safe level of ingestion for humans. James Bowen, M.D., a physician who has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and resources to the study of aspartame, has identified the neurotoxin to be a catalyst for polychemical hypersensitivity syndrome (PCS).

PCS is a condiction that effects increasing numbers of people who experience varying degrees of allergic reactions to chemical exposure.

According to Dr. Bowen, “The Persion Gulf Syndrome is largely PCS from the massive NutraSweet [aspartame] exposure experienced by our men in combat units in the Persian Gulf.”

The Pentagon has repeatedly denied such allegations since PCS does not exist. The fact that nothing in orthodox medicine seems to help soldiers stricken with Gulf War Illness (GWI) is an indication to orthodox doctors that GWI symptoms are psychosomatic.

“This illustrates the highly significant feature of aspartame poisoning; that it is an extreme hypersensitization agent which is highly reactive with other chemicals -- especially toxic ones like the nerve gas and nitrogen mustard gas to which our troops were exposed in the gulf when our government tried to destroy the stockpiles of these gases they had previously supplied to Saddam Hussein. This is a very poignant part of the NutraSweet issue because those who had problems with NutraSweet will now experience recurrences of those same problems when exposed to even the most minute doses of various toxic agents,” explained Dr. Bowen.

Dr. Bowen's findings are supported by government studies regarding formaldehyde sensitivity that were conducted many years ago. It was found then that, once a person becomes hypersensitive to the toxin, he can experience a violent physical reaction to a formaldehyde exposure of as little as one billionth of a gram.

If Dr. Bowen's thesis is correct, the millions of Americans who habitually drink sodas and eat foods artificially sweetened with aspartame are not only vulnerable to the entire menu of 92 aspartame-related complications which range from impotence, hair loss, obesity and chronic irritability to death, they are leaving themselves open to a lifetime of multiple chemical sensitivity.

“The reason I feel it's so important to publish this information is that those who have been victimized by aspartame really don't have a good shot at enjoying the health they had before unless they recognize the problem and know how to deal with it,” Dr. Bowen concluded.

The saddest joke on the American consumer is that aspartame-sweetened sodas are marketed as “diet” soft drinks. The truth is that aspartame suppresses the production of serotonin, which makes them crave carbohydrates which, in turn, causes them to gain weight.

Those who wish to learn more about aspartame are encouraged to visit the most comprehensive archive of aspartame information available anywhere in the world. Hop on the Internet and go to: and find out why you must convince the people you love to stop consuming products artificially sweetened with aspartame.

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