From the October 2000 Idaho Observer:

Pentagon to continue with anthrax vaccine program regardless

By The Idaho Observer

On September 25, 2000, it was announced that a man employed at Bioport, the sole-source contractor that manufactures the millions of doses of anthrax vaccine, died from the disease. The Pentagon's response: Continue vaccinating military personnel until the vaccine is proven unsafe.

On September 28, 2000, Thomas Williams of The Hartford Courant reported that, “Trace amounts of the additive squalene have been found in the anthrax vaccine used to protect U.S. service members from the biological warfare agent, federal [FDA] officials have found.”

Though the Pentagon has repeatedly asserted that squalene is not a component of the anthrax vaccine, the entire squalene controversy may just be a diversion from the real toxic components of the vaccine. “We believe the admission that squalene was found to be present in the anthrax vaccine is a red herring to cover an entire menu of much more serious toxins contained in the vaccine and which have contributed to hundreds of thousands of military personnel contracting what we now call Gulf War Illness,” said vaccine researcher Dr. Len Horowitz.

Squalene is a product derived from shark liver oil that is being studied for its anticancer properties and its ability to help metabolize cholesterol.

It is what we are not being told about anthrax vaccine that should be of concern to the people of this country.

The FDA, apparently doing its part to fan the squalene smoke screen, said its results were based on five lots of anthrax vaccine tested. Curiously, the FDA report did not clearly state whether or not the vaccine tested to contain squalene were found in lots used to inoculate military personnel during the Gulf War. The report also did not specify whether or not the squalene-containing vaccine has been used to inoculate troops since the Pentagon began its mandatory anthrax vaccination program in 1998.

Congress became publicly concerned over several aspects of the mandatory anthrax vaccination program last fall. Congress was presented with evidence that conflicts of interest between Bioport and the high ranking military brass existed and there was no evidence to indicate that the expensive series of six vaccinations would protect soldiers from air borne anthrax exposure. Congress was also presented with compelling evidence that the mandatory anthrax vaccination program is tantamount to medical experimentation using service personnel as guinea pigs. Congress was shown that notable percentages of vaccine recipients suffer immediate complications. Congress was shown no studies which prove that the anthrax vaccine does not contribute to long term physical and psychological damage.

While the Pentagon and the dominant media preoccupy the minds of Americans with the inane squalene controversy, a Bioport employee is dead, hundreds of thousands of American service personnel are sick, dying or have already died from the mysterious Gulf War Illness. Yet the (mandatory) anthrax vaccination program continues until it can be “proven” that the vaccine is dangerous or ineffective.

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