From the October 2000 Idaho Observer:

The Paper Terrorist

by Karen Anderson

So many people have asked, “How did Karen Anderson get the information on the A/V program?” Here's how I got cooperation with my FOIA's:

First of all, I already had established that I knew the court was corrupt and would publicly declare this -- and I did. I let them know I was on to their game. County counsel labeled me a “paper terrorist.” So I went to the Board of Supervisors meeting and I publicly read the statement filed to the federal court in which county counsel made this statement. Then I asked the Board of Supes to require County counsel to provide me with a penal code for “paper terrorism,” and formally charge me for the crime, or in the alternative, make a public apology for the defamatory statement.

A newspaper reporter is always at the Board of Supervisors meetings. He was trying his best to keep from laughing. I made them look like complete fools. Of course the deputy county counsel who made the “paper terrorism” statement ran and hid when she saw me arrive at the Supes meeting. I got a letter from the Supes stating that when county counsel made that statement, they were not alleging I was committing crimes but were referring to my “incessant litigation against the county.” Little touchy, heh?

I caught the local Amador County Bar Assn. operating without a business license, which is required according to local ordinances. They didn't have a DBA either (fictitious business name). So I went down to the county offices the next day and filed a DBA as the Amador County Bar Association since they didn't legally have the name. They went berserk. Caused quite a little hoop-la around here. The former D.A., a real slime wad, who was a member of local atty. group (conflict of interest) filed an injunction to prevent me from using the name. The Presiding Judge, also a member (also a conflict of interest) granted his temporary injunction. There was a huge front page newspaper article about it. What it accomplished was to show that the local attys. had placed themselves above the law in failing to comply in having a proper business license.

Anyway, then when I made my FOIAs, and didn't get a response, I wrote another letter demanding a response under the law and cc'd it to the Office of Criminal Justice Planning and the county Grand Jury. At that point I got a call from (none other than) county counsel saying they had someone working full time on my request and would have it ready within the week.

I refuse to be bound by gag orders or submit to terrorism by the court. I let them know that every time they do some shitty thing to me, I will publicly expose them. And I follow through. Also, to my surprise and benefit, sometimes other people who keep informed about the case, write letters to the editor of the newspaper expressing outrage. That seems to be really effective.

I was recently accused by the court evaluator's counsel of “legally stalking” him, and interfering with his livelihood. Actually, I hadn't thought of directly interfering with his livelihood, but decided that is an excellent idea. Some day I'll have to thank his counsel for the suggestion.

The bottom line is this: The judicial mafia only understands power and money. Period. You have to hit them where it hurts -- sue them and/or expose them. Law means nothing to them, they know they can break the law at will and are protected by “judicial immunity,” D.A.'s who don't have the guts to prosecute them, and appellate judges who will cover up for them using “discretion” as an excuse.

You have to go where they CAN'T go -- if you put out a flyer, they have no way to respond to the public about your accusations except with a lawsuit. They will not put themselves in front of a jury when they know you can make a case against them. And they know making a public statement in the newspaper in response will only draw more attention to the issue, so they won't do that either. That gives you the advantage.

My ex's corrupt atty. wrote me a letter (yelling on paper -- all in caps) and said that she would sue me if I accused her one more time of misuse of public funds. So I immediately put out a flyer all over town accusing her of that again, and made sure she got a copy of it. Of course, she didn't follow through on her threat because it would allow me the opportunity in discovery and trial to prove her corruption.

You never win on the defense; only on the offense. Show them you know how to play their game and will show no mercy. One DV victim pleaded with the court to allow her to drop her child off for visit IN ANY PUBLIC PLACE, including the sheriff's office, rather than the perp's house. The court refused. So she refused to deliver the child for visits because it would endanger her. She was then charged by the D.A. for child abduction, and was being hounded to sign a plea bargain admitting to the charge. She finally told the prosecutor, “OK, I'll make a deal with you. When you get me a new Dodge Viper (car) and (etc. etc.) then I'll sign the plea.” They knew she understood their game. They have no case, and are just trying to bully her. Perhaps there is some incentive grant for prosecuting the particular code they charged her with, or the judge is orchestrating the charge as retaliation for her audacity in standing up for her right to protect herself. Her request was reasonable and lawful, and the judge's response was NOT. The D.A. is backing off.

As a result of my aggressive persistence in going after the bad guys in my case, the court appointed therapist is under State investigation for financial fraud, the court evaluator was charged by the State Atty. General for gross negligence, the Judge is under investigation by the Commission on Judicial Performance, the criminal div. of the A.G. opened a case of their own against the perp, 4 judges have been recused from the case, the court's federal grant was terminated, and a law was passed specifically for my case (and 2 others like it).

I am going to write a book exposing the whole thing, and that should finish them off. The kinds of things we have all suffered should not happen in America.

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