From the October 2000 Idaho Observer:

More studies link MMR vaccine to autism

When properly translated, vaccine “expert” gives medical quote of the century

By The Idaho Observer

Health Editor Sarah-Kate Templeton of the Sunday Herald from Scotland reported September 17, 2000 that two major viral immunology conferences were held the weekend of September 22, 2000 -- one in Glasgow, one in San Diego. “One will fiercely debate a possible link between the mumps, measles and rubella vaccine and autism. At the other, it won't even be mentioned,” she wrote.

The MMR/autism link has been a source of tremendous controversy in organized medicine since British Pediatrician Andrew Wakefield published his findings in the Lancet medical journal over two years ago. Wakefield published convincing evidence that MMR can cause autism and bowel disease in children.

Wakefield is reportedly on the verge of publishing another paper with more evidence linking the MMR vaccine to exponentially increasing cases of autism.

Another scientist has also found the link. Dr. Vijendra Singh of Utah State University told the International Public Conference on Vaccination in Virginia, September 16, 2000, that his experiments have shown MMR vaccine causes autism in some children. “He says his work shows that the jab triggers an immune reaction which damages a protein in the brain, causing autism,” Templeton continued.

Singh has been concentrating on the brain and how an adverse immune reaction can interfere with the development of the myelin sheath that surrounds the nerves in the brain. Wakefield has studied a bowel disorder which he and his team believe is associated with autism. “But now the two scientists are arriving at the same conclusions about how the combined vaccine can damage the child's immune system and cause autism,” Templeton reported.

“This is very exciting. Wakefield and I are looking at this from different angles but we are both coming to the same conclusions,” commented Dr. Singh.

A source close to Wakefield added: “Singh and Wakefield have started from opposite ends but they are showing the same things.”

Dr. Edward Yazbak, using a more anecdotal approach, also linked MMR to autism through his comparative studies published in 1999 (The Idaho Observer, June, 2000).

The increasing body of evidence is likely to become embarrassing to government officials and the allopathic medical community this coming year. Dr. Wakefield's old study, combined with the new study yet to be published will be the cornerstone of legal action being taken by about 700 legally-aided British families against the manufacturers of the MMR vaccine.

Legal actions against MMR manufacturers in the U.S. have already begun. According to Templeton, “Richard Barr, from law firm Alexander Harris, was in Virginia at the same conference as Singh and Wakefield, gathering evidence to back the case. He said: 'There is a steady movement forward. We have already had three preliminary hearings and by the end of the year there will be progress. There is a worry about the safety of the vaccine and it is in everyone's interest to get it resolved.'”

Dr. Bill Carman, reportedly an “expert” in anti viral vaccination at Glasgow University admitted that, it was unlikely MMR or the MMR/autism connection would be discussed at his five-day event. Dr. Carman believes that proving or disproving the link would require a huge, expensive study that would take at least 12 years to complete. He said that the money would be better spent funding cancer and heart disease research.

According to Templeton, Carman stated that, “.if the public was forced to make a realistic choice they would not back the necessary MMR research.”

Raymond Gallup, president of the Autism Autoimmuninity Project, a non-profit charity dedicated to obtaining funding for independent research addressing immune and immunogenetic abnormalities in autism, translated Dr. Carman's statements.

According to Gallup, what Dr. Carman really said when properly translated was, “We don't want to ruin the financial condition of the government health authorities, medical officials and pharmaceutical companies in the UK and U.S. who have a vested interest in keeping the MMR vaccine on the market despite safety concerns. We have other vaccines in the pipeline including ones for cancer, AIDS and cocaine and this would ruin any hope of marketing these on a public that, for the most part, doesn't know that there are no independent, long-term safety studies on any of our present, mandated vaccines.

“If safety concerns are raised and the general public knew that we were experimenting on their children, we would lose financially in the stock market as well as getting funding on new vaccine products. We are preventing diseases despite the fact that we are creating an epidemic of new and more chronic diseases and disorders, which is not important. If children are hurt for the greater good of our financial interests, then that is a price the general public will have to pay.”

Gallup has the experience which qualifies him to translate what MMR proponents have to say about the vaccine. Since his own son became autistic after an MMR vaccine, Gallup has spent several years attempting to interest the CDC, Congress, and other influential government agencies to investigate the safety of the vaccines we are mandated to give our children.

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