From the October 2000 Idaho Observer:

Three planes criss-cross Sandpoint skies with contrails

County commissioners powerless to identify, question military airspace polluters

SANDPOINT -- Numerous witnesses claim to have seen three large airplanes criss-crossing contrails over Sandpoint airspace Sept. 24, 2000. By early afternoon the contrails had not dissipated normally but had spread out to make what would have been a cloudless, deep blue north Idaho sky appear overcast.

The artificially overcast conditions persisted through Sept. 25. “All you had to do was look up. A child could see that the sky wasn't normal,” commented Don Parkison of D&D Upholstery in Sandpoint.

Don Harkins of The Idaho Observer addressed citizen concerns before the weekly business meeting of the Bonner County Board of Commissioners. Harkins informed the board of what had been described as three large, C-135-type airplanes, one of them white, that spent over an hour flying back and forth over Sandpoint airspace leaving in their wake a grid pattern of exhaust. “I have been aware of this phenomenon for quite sometime. If you were to contact Bonner General Hospital you will likely find a notable increase in admissions for upper respiratory complaints,” Harkins told commissioners.

Harkins asked commissioners if they could use their official capacity to find out who was behind deliberately polluting the skies over Sandpoint. “The commissioners really didn't answer me,” said Harkins.

The following day Harkins readdressed the question to Commissioner Bud Mueller. “The Air Force isn't going to tell us anything,” said Mueller.

Mueller then described radiation experiments at Hanford and in Nevada and a massive chemical release to millions of people in San Francisco in the 40s -- well-documented cases where the U.S. government had intentionally exposed innocent civilians to toxic substances without their knowledge or consent.

Many people believe that the contrail conundrum fits in the catagory of conspiracy theorism because it seems that to carry off such a massive, worldwide campaign without the treachery being discovered would be impossible. However, if the highest administrative authority in a county, its board of commissioners, is powerless to find out who is responsible for spraying their own voters, the impossible becomes the possible.

To date there are over 600 websites from all over the world which post contrails information. Though the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)have been contacted by thousands of people looking for answers, the agencies will do nothing to investigate the contrails pollution or the epidemics of hospital admissions for upper respiratory complications that seem to follow “spraying” events.

Though Bonner General Hospital administrators refused to provide specific numbers with regard to the rise in hospital admissions for upper respiratory complaints following the spraying event, nurses there have privately acknowledged that hospital admissions for upper respiratory complications have “gone through the roof” since the spraying event.

“I find this to be rather curious,” commented Harkins. “The CDC has an impressive surveillance system which allows it to track single cases of specific sicknesses anywhere in the world, but is totally uninterested in the connection between contrails and upper respiratory infection. The EPA wants to pass laws which restrict emmissions from wood stoves and lawn mowers, but refuses to investigate military airplanes spewing tons of sunny day-ending and infection-causing pollutants into the air,” Harkins observed.

Though every federal agency that has been contacted over the contrail controversy claims that there is nothing to the rumors that the spraying is part of a sinister agenda to compromise the immune systems of large populations of people, they are constantly visiting contrails websites.

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