From the September 2000 Idaho Observer:

This is not the United Nations we were promised

1. We hold certain truths to be self evident, among them are rights to life, liberty and happiness that are given to us by our Creator. The UN Charter gives lip service to these rights, fails to mention a higher power and implies that it decides what is the law, a god of itself. International law as created by the UN, with no checks or balances, will supercede U.S. law as found in the Constitution.

2. The self-stated objective of the UN is the implementation of a socialist world government. Sovereign national governments like the U.S. will be replaced. Delegates will participate in councils that administrate global commerce and global banking, enforce global laws that will be prosecuted in an international court. All will be funded by taxes collected by a global IRS.

3. The world's largest and most powerful corporations support the UN. The world's most powerful corporations have demonstrated that they will exploit people, resources and the environment in pursuit of power and profit. Executives from the world's most powerful corporations comprise non-government organizations that help influence UN policy.

4. UN “Peacekeepers” never leave. Since its first “peacekeeping” operation in Korea, UN “peacekeepers” have never resolved a conflict. While UN “peacekeepers” occupy a country, they behave how occupational forces have always behaved: They rape, pillage and plunder innocent civilians. In 1995 Reader's Digest exposed the horrible behavior of UN “peacekeepers” in Bosnia.

5. The UN is the tool of the world's most powerful people who struggle amongst themselves for control of the world's resources -- including people. The UN is pushing toward the establishment of a standing global army to enforce a global police state.

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