From the September 2000 Idaho Observer:

Portland teachers protest policy bias that promotes homosexuality among public school children

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Cleveland High School teachers José Solano, John Ditmore, Terry Williams and Roberta Stubbs recently submitted a letter to the Portland Oregonian in support of a measure that would ban schools from condoning and promoting homosexuality. The protest is in response to a militant homosexual agenda that has gone so far as to promote, through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state departments of education, programs that teach adolescent children how to perform gay and lesbian sex acts (The Idaho Observer, July, August, 2000).

In their letter, the teachers defend “the legitimate civil rights of homosexuals,” but believe that using school time and resources “to indoctrinate students and staff into affirming and celebrating homosexual practices” is completely out of line.

“It is indeed our preference that public schools not become involved in any assault on the value systems of our numerous cultures, religions, and on the general common sense of many families who see homosexuality as a problematic lifestyle. Yet through the Portland Public Schools' Sexual Diversity Committee (SDC) this is exactly what is happening. Under the guise of providing a safer environment for students with homosexual inclinations, the SDC has disseminated hundreds of what we see as pro-homosexuality propaganda books to children at all grade levels. Teachers asked that they mail this list to parents but they refused in fear of public outcry. Teachers also asked that the district's pro-homosexuality view be balanced with other views from psychologists and psychiatrists as well as from ex-homosexuals but to date they have refused,” the teachers wrote.

They then listed nine points where the militant homosexual agenda has already negatively impacted the educational process. They also claimed that this problem is not just confined to Portland, but is national in scope.

The teachers have called upon their colleagues who have thus far remained silent to come out and join them in protest of the militant homosexual agenda. They also urge the media to look beyond political correctness and realize that failure to recognize the long-term effects of this perverse programming of our youth will have an incalculably negative effect on society.

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