From the September 2000 Idaho Observer:

Image: Idaho Certificate of Live Birth

5th Branch files first page in Big Brother's baby jacket

Organized medicine participating in sinister socialist plot to nationalize children?

By Don Harkins

According to a midwife who asked to remain nameless, any person attending a live birth must fill out a Certificate of Live Birth (see form at right) that is filed with the Bureau of Vital Statistics. If the form is not filled out completely, it will be returned immediately to the noncompliant attendee who will be liable for a $250 fine. Fifty dollars per day will be added to the penalty until the form is returned in a manner that is satisfactory to the state.

Refusal to comply could mean a loss of state licensing, loss of insurance and the possibility of serving time in jail.

Many midwives and other alternative healthcare practitioners are forced to comply with state live birth laws. Such professionals we have spoken to resent participating in this Orwellian intelligence gathering mechanism. Organized medicine's corporate hospitals (the fifth branch of government?) seem to experience no crises in conscience in submitting this data for entry into government databases.

Most people have no idea that from the moment your innocent baby is born, the government has begun to keep detailed records of its little life and, by law, under threat of fines and imprisonment, hospitals, midwives and family doctors must supply the state with the information.

Not one parent of a newborn that has been asked has ever seen the form printed at right. The highly personal and private record that is being supplied to the state and, therefore, the federal government, is being obtained without knowledge or consent of the parents.

The form lists such information as the parents' education level, type and location of birth, how the birth was paid for, date of last menses and length of gestation. Note also in reverse print to the far left where the person attending the live birth must attest that all of the “personal information provided on this certificate is correct” in the capacity of an “INFORMANT.”

“If that doesn't add insult to injury,” stated one midwife who has helped mothers bring hundreds of babies into the world. “We have to live with the fact that, under threat of fines and imprisonment, we must supply this information to the state, then to have us sign our names to the form as an 'informant' just makes me feel horrible inside.”

Please excuse our not attaching names to the persons supplying information for this article. The state is so militant about obtaining the information that alternative healthcare practitioners feel that they may be stripped of their ability to openly assist live births should the state learn that they are philosophically opposed to state live birth laws.

“The push is to make it impossible for alternative practitioners to assist in live births so that all children will be born in hospitals where records are more easily kept and controlled. We must stay in business for those who do not want their baby to be born in a hospital,” a midwife said.

Information provided on the form is gathered through a variety of means that include lifting data from other sources such as insurance forms, drivers licenses and checking accounts. Some of the information may also be picked up by the “informant” through seemingly casual conversation.

According to one midwife, the form pictured is a brand new form that has just been issued to all persons the state recognizes as being participatory in live births. The form is identical to the form that the state has been using for the last several years except for one detail. In the lower right hand corner in box 45 it now says, “CONSENT OBTAINED FOR IMMUNIZATION REGISTRY ENROLLMENT.” Previous forms simply asked if the controversial hepatitis B shot had been administered to the infant shortly after birth.

“Now that the 'voluntary' vaccination tracking registry is in operation, the state probably feels very confident that by determining whether or not the parents gave their 'consent' to be enrolled in the registry answers the hep B question. They were probably quite proud of themselves for saving the taxpayers' money by avoiding the expense of significantly altering the form,” commented North Idaho Chapter of Vaccination Liberation President Ingri Cassel.


Image: Idaho Certificate of Live Birth

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