From the September 2000 Idaho Observer:

Bellingham protest/rally

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- A rally was held here at Congressman Jack Metcalf's office in the Olympic Building at noon, September 6, 2000.

Our sign committee supplied hand-held signs while two large signs were displayed on a flag-draped truck that carried a large, red-lettered sign that read: GET US OUT OF THE UN.”

Ben Hinkle, Chairman of Citizens for Liberty, introduced Pastor Allen Porterfield who started the protest with a word of prayer.

Pastor Porterfield followed the prayer with an inspiring address regarding the fallacy and dangers of world governance.

Former Washington State Representative Gene Goldsmith took the podium and gave a detailed explanation of how the UN's proposed global government would systematically strip Americans of their constitutional protections and, ultimately, their national sovereignty.

The demonstrators then pointed out how we can stop this UN takeover of our God-given rights by making this an election issue.

We must get a committment from all senators and representatives seeking election, to vote us out of the UN or we will vote them out of office. Then we will go to their challengers and teach them the same lesson. That is what voting is all about.

This fight for liberty is just the beginning. Keep those letters, FAXes, phone calls and emails in support of Rep. Ron Paul's HR 1146 pouring into Washington, D.C. Do not stop until election day.

Under the new and amended UN Charter for Global Democracy, they will begin passing laws under the authority of a world parliament that will serve to outlaw the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. They will use the foreign UN army, as supported by U.S. taxpayer dollars, to enforce the laws of the UN that they have determined to be superior to the laws of the Constitution.

The only way Americans, or anybody can support such a system is out of ignorarnce. As informed Americans, we must educate our countrymen. If the September 6 protest is any indication of what we are up against, we can expect the local and national media to be of no help whatsoever in educating our friends and neighbors as to the true intentions of the UN.

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