From the September 2000 Idaho Observer:

Pend Oreille county victims greet governor with signs of corruption

Newport, Wash. -- Washington Governor Gary Locke spoke to about 50 people at the gazeebo at the south gate of town here August 7, 2000. As ordinary townsfolk gathered around their governor to listen and cheer worn out political rhetoric, a crew of 12 people who have been severely victimized by the rampant corruption in Pend Oreille county placed signs around the perimeter and waited patiently to be noticed.

The ordinary folks, who seemed to hang on ever word uttered by their venerable governor, were obviously nervous and embarrassed by the silent and peaceful protest against provable police brutality and theft and judicial complicity.

When the governor completed his speech he asked for questions. A man piped up that the police in the area were totally out of control. He commented that his boys, who were good kids that got good grades and generally behaved themselves, had been harrassed so unmercifully that one of his boys now "draws pictures of cops and uses them for target practice."

"There is something wrong with this picture," he said.

Governor Locke promised to do something about it and told the man to give him a call.

To date, the governor has initiated nothing at the state level to change business as usual in Pend Oreille county.

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