From the August 2000 Idaho Observer:

Bridge between left and right under construction

By Don Harkins

Associated Press reporter Duncan Mansfield reported an Earth First!-instigated demonstration that took place outside Vice President Al Gore's presidential campaign headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee, early last July. Approximately 100 Earth Firsters danced and chanted under banners that read, “Presidency for Sale” and “End Corporate Governance.”

Gore, author of the militant environmentalist bible, “Earth in the Balance,” has always been revered by environmentalists as a “friend of the environment.” Demonstrators stated that they no longer see any difference in Gore's environmental ideals over those of his Republican counterpart Texas Governor George W. Bush. “Earth First! leader Daniel Patterson claims Gore has refused to endorse the end of logging on public land, and his family owns 500,000 shares of Occidental Petroleum, which the group says threatens the environment with drilling in South America,” Mansfield reported.

“Things don't match up,” Patterson said. “We are here to say that Gore cannot take the environmental vote for granted.”

Though environmentalist left-wingers such as Earth Firsters are flawed in their understanding of public vs. private lands by right-wing standards, the apparent rift in the left-wing's relationship with the Gore camp is a sign that the establishment's ability to keep the left and right pointing fingers of blame at one another -- while it marches offshore with pieces of our country -- is crumbling.

Greenies, granola crunchers and environmental wackos have been estranged from the right wing who correctly believe that they have been used by the establishment to slowly take control of land and natural resources through federal laws such as the Endangered Species Act.

Patriots, anti-government white separatist hate mongering Christian right-wing wackos have been estranged from the left-wing who have been conditioned to believe that it is intolerant of other races and religions and believes in opportunistically raping natural resources.

Militant environmentalists have been studying environmental degradation, toxins and toxicity, population, alternative health and lifestyle sustainability. The right would be advised to ignore the stereotypes and incorporate the good science of the left into its understanding of what needs to happen in the best interests of the nation.

Patriots have been studying history, the law and the relationships between people and governments. The left would be advised to ignore the stereotypes and incorporate the good research of the right into its understanding of what needs to happen in the best interests of the nation.

If that were to happen, both the militant environmentalists and the patriots would realize that truth is truth and that until a convincing majority of Americans arrive at the truth there is little or no chance that freedom and decency will return to this nation.

We do not have to agree on anyhing other than we all desire a safe, clean and decent place to raise our families and that we are all responsible for our own behavior and the health and well-being of those within our circle of friends and family. God sorts out the rest in His good time.

The Earth First! protest against the venerable Gore is a sign that the left may be getting ready to listen to the right. Is the right ready to listen to the left?

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