From the August 2000 Idaho Observer:

There is no militia

By Hari Heath

Our American Union was in large part made possible by a militia. Farmers and frontiersman who had a taste of freedom in the colonies were willing to give their all to create a nation founded on freedom. These citizen soldiers who formed the American Militia fired “the shot heard `round the world” and began the departure from the rule of kings.

But where is the militia today? Does a second shot heard 'round the world need to be fired, to begin our departure from the rule of our former public servants turned masters? And who is there to fire that shot?

Certain precipitous events of the 1990's spawned a “militia movement.” The assassination of a young man, his mother and the Weaver's family dog by federal agents, at what is now known as Ruby Ridge, Idaho, began an outrage in the collective American conscience. Two years later, the shooting and burning of over 80 men, women and children in a church property in Waco Texas, for no apparent useful purpose or justifiable reason, further cemented the resolve of an American movement to resist the unconscionable acts of a treasonous government.

These two events were highly popularized in the media and have become a rallying point for the troops against tyranny. There are hundreds, if not thousands of similar incidents, under-reported and routinely occurring in America, as the new American Gestapo conducts their day to day business. From these events, the modern day “militia movement” was born.

The prostituted press has attempted to demonize this militia movement by linking the honorable aspirations of our ancestors, and their quest for liberty, with certain other debacles in human history.

The “tax protesters,” “constitutionalists” and “militia members” who love liberty and the high principles of our national foundation, are associated by this proctodial feeding press with “white supremacists,” “Aryans” and “neo-nazi's,” who promote the antithesis of our American principles and a hatred of other races. The modern day Militia who seeks to ensure our system of ordered liberty under a constitutionally formed republic is often labeled as “anti-government” or “terrorist.”

Do “tax protesters” march in white hooded gowns and burn crosses on other people's lawns? More likely, they dump tea in the harbor, or, more recently, spend half their life in a law library so they can attempt to cause the IRS to explain “who must file” to the judge which is about to steal everything they spent their life acquiring.

Randy Weaver was given a new name by the presstitutes after the stand-off at his former home. Depending on the reporter, he became known as either “white separatist, Randy Weaver” or “Randy Weaver, a white separatist.” I don't know if he is a white separatist or not. I haven't asked him. I doubt if any of the pablum press reporters did either. They were probably fed this label by a federal agent in charge of misinformation.

Similarly, “constitutionalist” has been derogatively portrayed in the pages of pablum passing as news. Is it wrong to advocate and support the document which created and defines our Republic? Don't all elected officials, the judiciary and the military, give an oath to at least support the Constitution before they obtain the power and duties of their office? Wouldn't that make them constitutionalists? Somehow, those of us who have been labeled “constitutionalists” because we advocate that public officials adhere to the document upon which they swear an oath to support and defend, are also labeled with that ever popular phrase, “anti-government” by the pablum news publishers. Go figure.

Who is the Militia?

Under constitutional and statutory definitions, the American Militia is every able-bodied male citizen between the ages of 17 and 45. Some states have exceptions for conscientious objectors. Many of us have been in the Militia for years and didn't even know it. Even though many state legislatures have a constitutional duty to “enroll, equip and discipline the Militia,” such duties are wholly neglected. Some will argue that the National Guard has replaced the Militia. This is fine for relief missions from natural disasters, but will the National Guard defend Americans from federal tyranny? Will those Guardsmen just say no when ordered to give aid and comfort to those who enter our states to destroy our lives, liberties and property?

Recent history provides the answer. Idaho National Guardsmen and their armored personnel carriers joined the federal siege at Ruby Ridge against Randy Weaver. Mr. Weaver was at that time accused of making and delivering a sawed-off shotgun to a federal informant and wanted for failure to appear at a court hearing for which he was not properly given notice. The firearms charge Mr. Weaver was accused of was based on a 1934 federal law “requiring” the licensing of machine guns, silencers and sawed-off shotguns. The Congress in 1934 apparently failed to notice that the Constitution did not give them the power to license weapons and could not read the phrase enshrined in the Bill of Rights, “...the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Would a citizen Militia have given the same aid and comfort, as the Idaho National Guard did, to the enemies of Mr. Weaver's liberty and the assassins of his family members?

Where is the Militia?

If militia members are people who take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic where are these militia members? Is not our Constitution under daily attack from enemies foreign and domestic? From the president on down to the local building inspector, are we not under attack?

Has the president sold our intercontinental missile technology to our Chinese communist enemies for campaign contributions giving our “most favored nation” the ability to destroy us with the nuclear secrets stolen from our not-so-secret Los Alamos Laboratory?

Are our military forces commandeered by the UN to fight skirmishes in support of the goals of international vested interests? Does the credibility of our nation suffer when we enter other people's nations, kill them and destroy their property for no clear, discernible purpose? Is there any constitutional reason for our military to fight under a foreign banner in a foreign land?

Does the federal Congress pass volumes of laws, on any subject, without regard to rulings of the Supreme Court, when the Constitution provides only 18 clauses enumerating the powers of Congress? Do many of these laws create a state of war against the American people?

When the Constitution authorizes a balanced system of government resting on the division of power among three separate branches, each with specific duties, how can governmental “agencies” assume the powers of all three branches and impose their “regulations” on the inhabitants of our nation? Do these unelected, barely accountable agencies command and control nearly every aspect of our private lives? Does not the Declaration of Independence give, as one of the reasons for rebelling against the King -- ”he has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers, to harrass our people, and eat out their substance” -- an equally accurate definition of modern agencies? If these agencies pose as a component of government, yet have no constitutional authority for their operation, and violate fundamental principles of our public trust, is not their very existence an act of treason?

Congress has been granted the power to “coin” money, not print money. An economy of substance is the constitutional command. No power was granted to authorize a private central bank. Has constitutional money been banned for so long that most Americans wouldn't even know it as money? Even those Americans now at retirement age have never seen the real thing in circulation. Do we flounder about in an economic sea of paper and ink, at the beck and call of the Federal Reserve Board Governors?

How many Americans have been dragged into what appears to be a courtroom, and attempted to follow the “Rules,” apply the law of the land and rely on higher court decisions, only to have “justice” smack them in the face, lock them up and steal their property? Are our modern day courts nothing more than rubber stamp threshing machines designed to pirate away the lives, liberties and property of the American people?

Public Land used to mean property held for the benefit of the public. Is our land now held for the private interests of the operators of government? Why do we pay to visit our National Parks? How can government lock out the public from its own lands? For whom does government control our vast public holdings and for what purpose?

If they are called a public highways, then why is the public prohibited from using them until they contract with an “agency” and submit to terms and conditions that constitutional government is not allowed to impose? If we have a constitutional right to travel freely on the public roadway, are the “police” agents controlling and prohibiting our freedom to travel enemies of the Constitution?

Can you build your own home, on your own property, without some administrative agent telling you how, where and with what, while he threatens jail to extract the fee for his “services?”

There is no Militia!

By the evidence around us there is no Militia. Thousands, if not millions have joined the militia movement in the last decade. Presumably they have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution from all enemies. However, we stand surrounded and in submission to an administrative tyranny. Where is the evidence of any Militia doing its job to secure our free state?

No one has applied the Second Amendment solution to remedy the problem of the unconstitutional regimes posing as government, even though there are allegedly millions of militia members. No government officials who have given oath to support the Constitution, have paid the final price for their conduct when they breached that oath with treasonous acts.

Many Americans have attempted civil remedies for treasonous and unconstitutional conduct, but almost all attempts have failed. Petitions, lawsuits, letters and calls for a remedy have been ignored. The impostors and infiltrators who have commandeered our Republic will not willingly let go of their scheme to subjugate us all, and profit from our submission. Historically, tyrants yield only when faced with their own destruction.

Waiting for “That Day”?

Many in the “militia movement” seem to think there will be a particular moment when the tyrannical regimes of the “New World Order” will finally unleash all those foreign troops hidden in secret bases within our borders and bring on the globalists coup. How many militia members are preparing for “that day.” That day when the New World Order gang attempts their final take over, and the great war begins to determine if the last remnants of our American nation will fade into the soon to be re-written history books.

There isn't gonna be a “that day.” The tyranny upon us has been building, one brick at a time. “They” have no plans for “that day.” Things are progressing just fine for the people at Treason Incorporated. What matters to them is the slow erosion of our constitutional republic and its equally slow replacement with their administrative regime. Any militia waiting for “that day” will find themselves surrounded by a brick wall of tyranny out of which they will no longer be able to shoot.

If there is a Militia, it must begin demanding the removal of each and every “brick” that is an enemy of our constitutional Republic. That demand must be in the form that a tyrant will listen to. American ingenuity can no doubt provide many avenues to deliver the mandates of our liberty. Each of us has our own “brick” to take issue with. The mortar is setting up and the wall is nearly complete. Is there a Militia? Are you the Militia? Where are you?

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