From the August 2000 Idaho Observer:

Scott Daumiller helped organize a convoy in June which delivered almost 1500 "roadless initiative" comments in a black casket to the Forest Service hearing in Missoula.

Missoula rally organizer says “thanks”

By Scott Daumiller

I'd like to extend a heartwarming thanks to all of you who attended the rally in Missoula. I never thought that it could take 5 1/2 hours to get to Missoula from Kalispell but it was worth every minute (See The Idaho Observer, page 1, July, 2000).

My eyes filled with tears as my fellow Americans and I drove down the highway with a large American flag flying out the window. People lined the streets and stood outside businesses giving us the thumbs up and cheering. Some even saluted.

Except for the birth of my children, I've never felt such pride. Thousands of people, tired of our runaway government, were gathering to say enough is enough! Thousands of honest, hard working Americans that desire the freedoms that were once taken for granted.

Adrenaline at the rally was high but no one was there to cause trouble. The environmental industry knew that these people were serious and knew they had better stay out of the way. A 20-foot thick brick wall could not have stopped us from delivering the coffin with our comments.

I stood above Washington Grizzly Stadium and attempted to take a head count. I counted conservatively so that I would know in my own mind that I wasn't exaggerating. I ended up counting 3,000 people with a large number of people coming and going at all times. It is safe to say that 3,500 showed up for the rally. Not bad for a work night.

Most of the people at the rally stuck it out until the end, even though they had to work early the next day. Even though I got only three hours of sleep, the excitement of the preceding day carried me through an 11-hour shift with no problem.

My only regret is that the rally and convoy didn't go all the way to the White House. It would have been the largest government protest in recent history.

The environmental conflict industry tries to down-play all of our positive actions. Pat Williams, Montana Congressman for 16 years, tells us that “the coffin was full of hopes and dreams that never will be.” He then states that we have lost the battle.

“Well, Pat, myself and a whole bunch of other people think differently. The battle has just begun and nothing can make us stop!”

Williams, master hypocrite, stated in an earlier article: “Urban voters know how to buy shovels and senators. We've all had enough of that.” That's a pretty brave statement for one who was bought and paid for by big money environmental groups.

Environmentalists complain that the roadless initiative vote on the primary ballot was misleading. Nice try boys and girls, but we the people knew exactly what we were voting for. Along with the vote, citizens opposing government land grabs at all public meetings have outnumbered the socialist green agenda by at least four to one. What part of “no” does our government officials not understand?

People are finally starting to realize that the environmental industry is thriving on lies, phoney emotionalism and misinformation. When their lies are exposed, they come back with ridiculous arguments that only make them more transparent.

Without conflict, environmentalists wouldn't receive billions of dollars every year in contributions. This money comes from people who just don't know the truth. No conflict -- no contributions. That is their true agenda.

Thanks again to all the people and businesses that supported the rally. Our steam is building and you can help. Send comments in against the roadless initiative. Get friends and family members to do the same. If enough send in comments, the government will have to listen. Mail to USDA Forest Service -Cact, PO Box 221040, Salt Lake City, Utah 84122 or email:

Scott Daumiller, Kalispell, Montana

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