From the July 2000 Idaho Observer:

Kleptocracy -- our government of thieves

By Hari Heath

We do not live in either a constitutional republic or a democracy. We live in a kleptocracy.

For those who have looked, there is a major disparity between the constitutions and laws which are made to form and direct the actions of government and the conduct of our modern day government. This excessive, scandalous and contemptible conduct evidences some form of governance other than the lawful one upon which our nation was founded. With such an obvious departure from our original governing form, perhaps a new definition of government is in order.

The Democracy vs. Republic debate has been raging for some time now. Mainstream media pundits and the global socialists have been beating the drum of “Democracy” for so long that many people actually believe they live in one. On the other hand, many Americans steadfastly claim that we live in a constitutional Republic. Perhaps a closer look will reveal the fallaciousness of both claims.

In a true democracy, the whole people vote upon the policy and laws of government. The voting masses of the moment dictate the laws of the day. “Mobocracy” is sometimes used to describe essential democracy. Except for the occasional initiative and referendum, democracy, in its essential form, is not the kind of government we are under. What the drumbeaters of “democracy” may be implying with their term is a democratically-elected representative form of government. This of course is not really a democracy, but it bears some resemblance to the form of government that is upon us. However, when we figure in the revelations of the book Votescam (, where the pre-tallied “results” of elections are preprogrammed by the media for their up-to-the-minute “coverage,” and many other reports of vote fraud, it is hard to consider “democracy” as a genuine issue. “Soft money,” partisan politics, media manipulations and campaign corruption all combine to make the elections which are essential to “democracy” nothing more than managed events for public show and private profit. Democracy? Not here.

Similarly, many patriotic Americans extol the virtues of the republic they claim to live in. The founders of the American nation did create a republic for us through the instrument of the Constitution. The Constitution lays down a well-balanced republican form of government, resting on the three separate branches with limited powers. This republic, when adhered to, lays down a fine system of government with liberty and justice for all. The problem is, it isn't adhered to.

Infiltrated, confiscated and decimated by centuries of treasonous acts, the American republic has been superseded by a kleptocracy -- a government of thieves -- and relegated to the history books. Only an illusionary form of a republic remains, to keep the public facade intact.

The allegations of treason

The allegations of treasonous events which have contributed to the departure from our republican form of government are many. The following few highlights from the great mystery of our hidden American history will give a few inklings as to how the American Republic has faded into dysfunctional disarray.

Treaties and war debts from before the ink was dry on the Constitution began the relinquishment of our national sovereignty. The “disappearance” of the provably ratified, but mysteriously omitted, original “Titles of Nobility” 13th Amendment to the Constitution, has allowed the esquires of the lawyering class to infiltrate our government since the early 1800s.

When the southern states walked out of Congress in 1860 in protest of the federal intrusion into their state sovereignty, Congress no longer had the quorum necessary to reconvene itself. The legislative side of our republic ended “sine die” or “without day,” perhaps becoming the terminal act of our original republic. Under his military authority as Commander in Chief, President Lincoln then reconvened a “Congress” by Executive Order, ushering in a military government to operate during the national emergency of the so-called Civil War.

Some will allege, with some compelling arguments, that this emergency military government continues to this day, giving the appearance of our former republic, while operating military courts, issuing military scrip instead of constitutional money and reducing our sovereign citizen status to that of people in an occupied war zone. War, of course, brings with it debt and those who are able and willing to loan money for the costs of war can reap great benefits, especially if the debt cannot be repaid.

Beginning with Alexander Hamilton and his cohorts, the money powers have attempted to capture our national economy with a private banking scheme. When the debts incurred by the Civil War became due and unpayable in the early 1900s, the “Congress” finally acquiesced and handed over our national economy to the private bankers via the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

These mostly foreign “kleptocrats” looted our national gold supply and the wealth of our national productivity through the printing and circulating of their inflationary “notes.” With our economy stolen and our nation bankrupted after just 20 years of the operation of the Federal Reserve scheme, President Roosevelt ushered in the first wave of the great socialism with his “New Deal,” turning the nation-state into the parents of its citizen/children.

President Lyndon Johnson brought on the second wave in the 1960's with the more extensive welfare state of the “Great Society.”

In the kleptocrats continuing effort to expand their enterprise, the agency was born. Not of course from any constitutional source, but through gradual introduction and general acceptance. A parent must provide for its children and the parent/state has developed many agencies to provide for the citizen/child and compel its children to conform to the family “rules” and pay our family “dues.”

Our “family” ties have been extended around the world by countless treaties, each one erasing more of the national sovereignty of the fading American republic. Slowly, our trade and commerce, our nations laws, and our individual rights are being superseded by treaty.

The great international kleptocracies of the UN, the IMF, the World Bank and the World Court are diligently doing what kleptocracies do. They are stealing every bit of money, power and control they can get their hands on -- one treaty at a time.

And here at home in the USSA, we citizens-turned-children, have given away our individual sovereignty through multitudes of contractual arrangements with the agencies of this administrative age who compel our consent into voluntary servitude.

Are we a republic anymore?

Can anyone truly argue that there is a functional constitutional republic operating as the government of the United States of America anymore? Is the Congress the law making body of our nation or are we more likely to be subjected to an administrative rule? Does the president execute the laws of the Congress, or does he bypass them with his executive orders? Can we rely upon the judicial branch to faithfully interpret and enforce the fundamental laws of our nation or have they become the greatest thieves of all? How many of the laws passed by Congress and the state Legislatures are based upon constitutionally granted authority?

The powers of the federal Congress are granted by seventeen clauses and limited by others. How, many of the laws, in the many volumes of U.S. Code, are authorized by Article One, Section 8, of the federal Constitution? The kleptocrats of Congress are in their 106th session -- citizen beware!

Executive orders, over 13,000 strong and still going, have become the new law of the land. Since Lincoln's era, various CEO/presidents of the U.S. kleptocracy have used them to get around the burdensome task of imposing law through congressional enactments as the republic requires. But in a kleptocracy, power is, as power does. And who will stop the use of executive orders? The kleptocrats in Congress, or the Supreme Court? Judicial Anarchy?

Under the Constitution, Congress has the power “ constitute tribunals inferior to the Supreme Court” (Art. 1, sec. 8, cl. 9) and “...such inferior courts as the congress may from time to time ordain and establish” (Art. 3, sec. 1).

Our modern day kleptocratic courts operate on civil, criminal and appellate “rules” developed by committees of lawyers and “adopted” by the Supreme Court. Where is the constitutionally granted power for the Supreme Court to legislate “rules” governing the lesser courts when the Constitution gives Congress the power to constitute, ordain and establish the inferior courts ?

Has the Supreme Court breached the separation of powers of the republic and stolen the powers of Congress to create its own independent kleptocracy? And to whom would a citizen appeal for a remedy of this transgression? The kleptocracy itself? Will the Supreme Court ever issue the ruling that they have no authority to make the “rules” which have been operating our kleptocratic courts since 1934?

Combine the “Doctrine of Judicial Immunity,” where judges have legislated an absolute shield from liability for themselves and their prosecutorial comrades, with the fact that judges, and the lawyers who come before them, are compelled to enjoin the conspiratorial monopoly of the Bar Associations, and we have a complete system of judicial anarchy! Who will judge the judges? A kleptocracy unto itself.

Administrative Treason?

Where in our constitutional republic is there any mention of administrative agencies? Can an unelected bureaucracy promulgate its own rules, administer them and enforce them through its own tribunals? Representative government? Separation of powers?

The Hegelian nature of the administrative regimes know no bounds. Find or create a problem; offer a solution; extract a price is the methodology of administrative proliferation. Promoting one good cause after another, for agency expansion and profit, the kleptocrats in the administrative realms have infiltrated our government and our lives unchecked. Subject after subject is now “governed” by one acronym or another from the alphabet soup of administrative agencies. With no one but the judicial anarchists to appeal to, there is no remedy for administrative intrusions into the private affairs of the citizenry.

Kleptocracy Defined

Look around at the governance upon you. To what form of government have you submitted nearly every aspect of your life? Can you call it a democracy when you have almost no say in the affairs of government? Is it a republic you live in when the constitutional form of government is adhered to only enough to maintain the illusion?

If Congress and our state legislatures make laws on any subject they desire, while disregarding our rights; or the president bypasses them with executive orders; and the judicial anarchists routinely rule in favor of the thieves in government with impunity; while our national sovereignty is superseded by treaties with the global kleptocrats; and our private affairs are “ruled” by unelected administrative entities, can anyone legitimately argue that we live in a constitutional republic?

We are surrounded by thieves. A government of thieves. A “kleptocracy” is the most appropriate definition of modern day American government. The thieves in this kleptocracy believe they may take what properly belongs to others. By sharing a portion of the loot through administrative programs they justify their takings. If government did not take from you to give to others, would you be willing to give to all the recipients of modern day government's handouts? If you are not willing to give and they have no right to take, then haven't you been stolen from?

Let's be honest and stop using either democracy or republic to describe our nation. Our nation has been stolen by centuries of kleptocratic devices. Our rights, liberties and property are in the possession of kleptocrats. We live in a kleptocracy.

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