From the July 2000 Idaho Observer:

Presidential candidate shares pro-Constitution vision of America

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Presidential candidate Howard Phillips of the Constitution party outlined his pro-Constitution and pro-American platform at East Valley High School here June 24, 2000. Over 100 applauding people were in attendance as Phillips described what he would do if elected.

Phillips stated that “there really is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. Republicans are far more dangerous than Democrats.”

He recited a long list of anti-American agendas that have been supported by the Republican party including Goals 2000 education, the participation of U.S. troops and equipment in Kosovo and tax increases equalling 1/2 trillion since taking control of Congress in 1994. “The Republican Party is carrying a false flag that is blocking the restoration of this country,” Phillips explained.

Much to the approval of those in attendance, Phillips aired a long laundry list of things that must change to restore the principles upon which this nation was founded. “When I say reform, I'm not talking about whitewashing walls of Baal, I'm talking about tearing them down,” he said.

Phillips intends to cut government spending by defunding NATO, WTO, UN and will veto any bill that seeks to give even a penny to any of the above. He would also defund and abolish the IRS and other federal agencies whose missions are not sanctioned by the Constitution and repeal the misnamed “acts” they are being used to enforce. In reference to the 80,000 “federal storm troops” currently loose on the nation, he said that he would, “dismantle the Praetorian army.”

He will also abolish all federal funding of local law enforcement.

Because history has proven that training women for combat roles is a total compromise to national security and combat readiness, he would remove women from combat roles in the military. Phillips cited contemporary lessons from Israel, China and Russia to support his politically incorrect position.

Phillips made some very lucid statements regarding a subject with which many of the people in the crowd seemed familiar: Money. “The Federal Reserve has to be eliminated” so we can return to a system of honest money.

He gave an overview of how we can easily support a $500 billion budget without taxing the American people through tariffs and duties in imports. “We must stop civil government from being an instrument of degradation,” Phillips said.

Phillips predicts that a nation tired of Clinton and the Democrats will elect George Bush Jr. (R-TX). He also predicts that the Trojan Horse that is the Republican Party will, “come apart at the seams,” within two years of the new Bush administration because people wake up and realize that they have been taken over the cliff. “The Democrats will take you over the cliff at 80 miles per hour. Republicans will stay within the speed limit,” he said.

Perhaps the most insightful point he made all morning is his description of various political ideologies. Libertarians believe that people are sovereign. Tyrants and monarchs believe that they are sovereign. Nazis, Marxists, Communists, Republicans and Democrats believe that the state is sovereign. He explained that the Constitution Party believes that God is sovereign and his laws will be around long after the others have been lost to history. “The biggest problem we have is that we fear men instead of fearing God.”

“This is not a game,” he said.

Indeed, this is not a game. The future of the once free people of this nation hangs in the balance between the forces who intend to enslave us and those who must be free.

Though it is not likely that Phillips will be elected to replace Clinton as president, there is a change of heart sweeping the political climate of this nation. There are people all over the nation who are running for office on the Constitution Party ticket with real chances of winning. Several Republican and Democrat incumbents, disgusted with their parties, have jumped to the Constitution Party. Montana State Representative and former Republican Rick Jore jumped to the Constitution Party and his credentials are so impeccable that his former party didn't even bother to run somebody against him.

During this coming election in November, we will see a noticeable increase in Constitution Party candidates on the ballot. After the election, we will see a noticeable increase in numbers of Constitution Party candidates who were elected into office. As a journalist, it will be interesting to begin identifying elected officials with their party initial after their name as a (C) instead of the traditional (R) or (D).

“Our goal, unabashedly, is to take power,” Phillips said.

“I pray for the day that we no longer have to think about politics,” so that the American people can go back to family politics and raising their children up to be intelligent and responsible citizens.

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