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Vaccination resource list by state now available on Dr. Horowitz's website

NOTICE: The html resource list described below is not available at this time. A Word document with vaccination contacts and resources by state can be downloaded here:

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Original article:

Due to the many requests from families who have made the decision to abstain from routine childhood vaccinations and are needing information on their state's laws and support for their decision, the list of vaccination resources by state was compiled and is now available on Dr. Horowitz's website at:

If you are in a state or province that does not have a vaccination resource listed, please contact Vaccination Liberation at the address below. It is important that all states and provinces have a vaccine resource and/or support group so, if you have formed one or are interested in becoming such a resource, contact Vaccination Liberation. A member packet and support for becoming such a resource is also available.

Our freedom to choose the kind of healthcare that is best for our families is eroding rapidly and we need you to be active in protecting this fundamental right before it is too late.

Ingri Cassel, President
Vaccination Liberation - North Idaho Chapter
PO Box 1444
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83816
(208)255-2307/ 765-8421

“The Right to Know, The Freedom to Abstain”

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