From the July 2000 Idaho Observer:

Protective Prayers: One example of how love can conquer evil

Are you skeptical of the powers of protective prayer? The real life incident concerning the thrice envisioned violent death of Dr. Horowitz described below will help you to see the light. We are experiencing a period in history where good is taking hard hits from evil's incessant barrage of heavy artillery. Good will triumph over evil, we just need to combine the resources of our goodness through prayer so that God's work may be done.

by Dr. Len Horowitz

I believe in the power of protective prayer. Over the years of investigating health science and U.S. Government cover-ups, I have had, literally, hundreds of people ask me, “How come they haven't killed you yet?”

My standard reply has been, “Because, it's not my time. God still has work for me to do, and we're protected by angels, thanks to the prayers of thousands of people like you.”

I always encourged them, likewise, to pray for me and my family.

Dozens of other people over the years, following my lectures, have approached me on the lecture stage to say, “You are surrounded by angels!” Several people testified that they saw a single huge angel standing very close to me during my presentations.

I don't doubt this for a second. That's why, when the opportunity, or need, arises, I always ask for people's protective prayers to call forth the angels of protection to keep us, my family and colleagues, working successfully to expose evil and promote goodness and global healing.

A great example of this occurred during our third “Healing Celebrations” event in Toronto, Canada, on May 27, 2000. Here's what happened:

Months before, in February to be exact, just prior to our first “Healing Celebrations” event in Portland, Oregon, wherein Dr. Valerie Saxion, with supportive group prayers in the Holy Spirit, healed Jo Lux, a spirited woman in her thirties, of her massive thyroid tumor, Valerie had received a warning. The night before the event, as we were praying, she saw a horrible image in her mind's eye. She stopped praying to lie down. Saying merely that she had seen a horrible image, she refused to describe to me what she saw.

The same thing occurred on May 26, the night before we were to begin our Toronto event. During prayer, she was moved to stop, lie down, and merely said, “You remember that horrible image I told you I received in Portland? Well, I just saw it again.” Once again she refused to explain to me what she had seen.

The next morning, just prior to beginning the program, our staff gathered for prayer. At this time, Shelly, a friend of Val's from Fort Worth, TX, who had volunteered her assistance, saw the same image. Likewise stunned by it, she neglected to tell any one of us what she envisioned.

Half an hour later, while I was on stage, a beautiful blonde, blue-eyed, eight-year-old cherub-looking child walked into our auditorium leading a frantic and harried mother by her hand. The two walked over to Shelly and Valerie, who were standing in the back of the room at the time of their entrance, and said, “Is this where Dr. Leonard Horowitz is lecturing?”

“Yes, it is,” Valerie replied. “That's him on stage.”

“This is my daughter,” the woman explained. “She is a medical intuitive.” She is very psychic, and most times accurate with her predictions and visions. This morning she awoke from her sleep begging me to find Dr. Leonard Horowitz, to warn him. She dreamed she saw him lecturing before a large audience when a man came up and shot him in the chest.”

Valerie and Shelly's jaws dropped. Both were instantly stunned, not only by the threat that the woman communicated, but by the replication of their own visions. Both, not knowing the other had seen the same thing, had the simultaneous spine chilling realization that here were “three,” standing together, to establish a threat. Val and Shelly immediately recalled Matthew 18:16 wherein Yeshua said, “every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.” They all agreed I needed to be warned. The little girl prophesied that the shooting would take place between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. that evening.

At 10:15 a.m., at our first break, Valerie approached me urgently on stage. “I need to speak to you right away,” she said. “It's very important.”

She dragged me to the side of the stage, then off into a shadowy corridor away from the crowd. There she told me what she, Shelly, and now this little girl, had envisioned might be my fate. With tears streaming down her concerned angelic face she asked, “What do you want to do about it?”

I knew instantly the answer. “We're going to pray,” I replied. “We're going to tell the audience about it, and ask everyone to join us in a protective prayer.”

So that's what we did. A few minutes later, when we resumed, I took the microphone and told the audience that Valerie and I had a special announcement and request. I relayed the three visions of warning, the words of Yeshua, and my heart felt desire for prayer. I explained that, in the business I was in, I was willing to die in service to God for the sake of truth. That I had come to terms with my mortality, as everyone, each in their own time, must, but that I had one remaining request. “To not die before I publish my autobiography, that I am writing for my children,” I said, “so that they will know who their daddy is, and what special events in his life molded him to be the man he became.”

“You see, I never really knew my father very well,” I continued. “I regret never having learned what made him the special loving person that he was, and I don't want that to be the case for my children.

“So, I'm about two-thirds done with a book called, Horowitz: Stories of Evil, Angels, Heroes and Miracles, that's for my children, and others who love and care to know me. So, I greatly appreciate your protective prayers at this time of apparent threat to my life.”

Valerie then took the microphone to direct the audience of 260 people in a prayer for my protection. The video cameras rolled as everyone in the auditorium joined hands to lift me, and my protective angels, up into the Holy Spirit of God's loving and healing Kingdom. The power and glory of this moment brought tears to the eyes of many. Most were visibly moved by the love that flowed from people's hearts to envelop me in a cocoon of protection. The spirit of love, in that moment, was so intense, it blew out the evil that was predicted to come that evening.

Following the prayer, the eight-year-old medical intuitive and her mother left the event.

Shortly thereafter, another spirit-filled woman came up to me and said, “You know, prophets often deliver their prophecies so that protective actions can be taken to avert the catastrophe.”

“Yes. I appreciate your kind words,” I replied with an inner feeling of peace, knowing our prayers had accomplished just that.

Glory to God, the 6 o'clock hour came and went without threat.

Such is the power of protective prayers for which I and my wonderful family thank you. We encourage you to continue praying for our protection, the protection of your friends and family, and the world's healing.

Particularly, now, as Dr. Saxion and I prepare to depart on a “mission of truth” to Central Africa, the heart of the AIDS pandemic and global genocide, we thank you for your prayers to make our travels safe, and our healthy and happy reunion with our families in August assured.

God bless us all!

Note: Dr. Horowitz plans to include the above true story in his autobiography, Horowitz: Stories of Evil, Angels, Heroes and Miracles, expected to be published by Tetrahedron Publishing Group in the Fall of 2001. Keep praying for his protection, at least until then!

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