From the July 2000 Idaho Observer:

HIV/AIDS Dates Back to 1930s?

a response by Dr. Len Horowitz

A number of individuals have relayed articles to me, or my staff, regarding recent stories in the media concerning a Los Alamos National Laboratory investigation that is said to have disproved the thesis that HIV/AIDS owes its existence largely to monkey virus contaminated polio vaccines administered during the 1950s.

Not only does this study by Korba et al., NOT disprove this possibility, but typical of counter-intelligence propaganda campaigns sponsored by the British and American governments, these pronouncements are deceptive and distract us from the gravest issues at hand.

One critic of the man-made theory of HIV/AIDS, “Science Editor” Nigel Hawkes, wrote an article entitled “Scientists trace origin of HIV back to 1930s.” Hawkes' article began:

“The AIDS virus had reached the human population by 1931, and possibly much earlier, according to a team of British and American scientists.

“They worked out that today's strains of HIV had a common ancestor about 70 years ago. If true, this means that the virus cannot have originated in a polio vaccination programme in Africa in the late 1950s, as a controversial theory claims. By then it was already established in Africa.

“A 'family tree' of HIV was created using the variation between today's strains as a clock to calculate the time it has had to evolve.

“Since genes change at a constant rate, it is possible to work back and estimate when the main strains split off from a common origin.

“Writing in Science, researchers led by Bette Korba, from Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, worked out that this probably happened between 1915 and 1941. The most likely year was 1931.

“The possibilities are that it was transmitted from apes to human beings near the turn of the century and remained isolated in a small population until that time, or that the virus jumped to humans in about 1930 and started spreading immediately, or some years later.

“In either case, the conclusions argue against the idea championed by Ed Hooper in his book The River that polio vaccine grown on cells from chimpanzees was the prime cause of the epidemic. This theory is now being tested by examining samples of the vaccine to see if they contain HIV. . .”


Notice the first sentence is completely misleading. It states that British and American scientists have determined that “The AIDS virus had reached the human population by 1931.” In fact, they found no virus dating back to that period. What they found, at best, was intimated in the second paragraph -- “a common ancestor.”

This is not news. Many “common ancestors” link HIV to a variety of retroviruses, according to scientific reports. In all of these studies, GENE SEQUENCES, and not entire viral genomes (i.e., not whole viruses) were analyzed and/or compared. HIV ancestors include gene sequences from bovine, mouse, and human leukemia viruses, sheep visna, chicken sarcoma, and many, many other viruses that have been evolving for thousands of years.

So how did Korba et. al., pinpoint 1931 as the year HIV allegedly jumped species? Working backwards in time, they ASSUMED a standard rate of genetic mutation occurred among the strains of HIV.

Herein lies a principle problem directing the implied conclusion that HIV must have jumped species long before polio vaccine administration in the 1950s or 1960s. The natural rate of genetic viral mutation is much slower than under iatrogenic (i.e., man-made) recombination conditions. In other words, in cell cultures, or in multi-virus infected humans, such viruses can and often do recombine, and/or mutate extensively, possibly overnight. That means, working backwards in time, as Korba et al. did, ASSUMING a standard rate of genetic mutation, a far earlier date would be falsely projected for the HIV species jump than might have actually occurred due to iatrogenic causes such as contaminated vaccines and/or biological weapons tests.

“Our analyses suggest,” but do not prove, Korba et al. wrote, “that HIV-1 M group ancestral sequence occurred decades before the vaccination programmes and that the diverse subtypes were well established by 1957.”

Thus spin doctors speculated that the virus went undetected in Africa for 25 to 60 years. Further, the investigators theorized, given this earlier date of HIV sequence evolution, that by the time the polio vaccine was administered, at least nine subtypes of HIV had already been established. If the vaccine campaign had induced the pandemic, they theorized, all nine strains would have been transferred to humans. Since the virus in chimpanzees is rare, and only a few primate kidneys were used to grow the vaccine, they concluded the polio/AIDS theory “seems implausible.”

The above is a great example of the “Hegelian dialectic” used in standard medical/scientific propaganda. In this counterintelligence mass mind control scheme a false thesis (i.e., HIV was spread by the polio vaccine) is followed by a false anti-thesis (i.e., the Korba et al. report) to produce “synthesis,” that is, mass confusion and disorientation. Overlooked is the unique epidemiology of HIV/AIDS. The fact is, this bizarre complex immune suppressive cancer virus and illness struck two unique populations, virtually simultaneously: New York's gay men and Central African Blacks, during the mid to late 1970s. What best explains the triggering of this unique outbreak in those populations at that precise time, is not, by intent, part of the spin doctors' debate. It was not the polio vaccine, but the hepatitis B vaccine, produced in contaminated chimpanzees and polio vaccine recipients, then administered to these unique populations in 1974 to 1975, that best explains the unique epidemiology and origin of the AIDS pandemic.

Therefore, where is the debate regarding hepatitis B and AIDS? How did Hooper miss this important hepatitis B vaccine link to his principle thesis? How could he have overlooked this author's definitive text, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola -- Nature, Accident or Intentional? (Tetrahedron Publishing Group, 1998). In this “Hegelian dialectic,” the complete truth is omitted by deceptive, distractive, propagandist intent.

Later this year, 2000, the scientific peer reviewed journal of Medical Hypothesis will publish a paper entitled “Polio, Hepatitis B and AIDS: An Integrative Theory on a Possible Vaccine Induced Pandemic.” This analysis of HIV/AIDS origin theory is based largely on the documentation advanced in my text. The report examines what has been grossly omitted from public and scientific debate concerning theories on the man-made origin of AIDS. Critical readers are encouraged to table final judgment until this time.

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