From the July 2000 Idaho Observer:

Tax paid legal aid files motion to dismiss Leas custody complaint

MOSCOW -- In a last ditch attempt to prevent the truth from coming out regarding a seven-year child custody battle, Idaho Legal Aid has filed a motion to dismiss Fred Leas' charges of custodial interference that will be heard in District Court here July 10-11.

The state-paid legal aid office led by Maureen Laflin is still representing Leas' former wife Ruth Mohr in this matter even though Mohr fled the state almost two years ago with her new husband Paul Mohr.

Legal Aid has continued to represent the Mohrs even though the couple has been caught engaging in perverse conspiracies intended to frame Leas for crimes that would place him in prison.

Mr. Mohr is a known drug dealer and user. He and Ruth are known alcoholics and he is known to be violent and has a criminal history that includes taking indecent liberties with minors.

Legal Aid, state child protective service personnel, Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson, Judge James Stegner and Child Psychologist Greg Wilson have all participated in the Mohr's conspiracy to imprison Leas and keep him away from his daughters Audry, 13, and Hattie, 12, who have never been allowed to testify in court as to the abuses they have suffered by the good graces of the state.

We have been covering this story since Nov. 1998. We believe that certain officials have been persecuting Leas to protect an underworld relationship with Paul Mohr.

The entire horror story is expected to be aired at the two-day trial. We believe that a father's love and patience will triumph over seven years of evil come July 11.

Note: Through a variety of delay tactics, the Leas trial has been continued to late September, 2000. In the mean time it is expected that there will be an investigation into the role Idaho Legal Aid has played in this matter. It appears that the delay tactics being employed by Idaho Legal Aid will only give Leas more time to rally support and obtain evidence to the state-sponsored conspiracy that has made the lives of Leas and his children a living hell for over seven years.

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