From the July 2000 Idaho Observer:

Supporters seek Chenoweth appointment to state post

Governor encouraged to ask retiring rep to be his lieutenant

BOISE -- Idaho Eagle Forum President Dani Hansen has been spearheading the effort to convince Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne to appoint retiring U.S. Representative Helen Chenoweth to the post of lieutenant governor to replace current Lt. governor and U.S. Congress hopeful Butch Otter. “For those of you attending the Idaho State Republican Convention recently, write letters quoting Simpson, Craig, Crapo and Kempthorne's glowing opinions of Helen's dedication to principle and fierceness in defending our freedoms,” Hansen wrote in her recent press release.

Hansen feels strongly that Chenoweth, a devoted constitutionist, would be a welcome addition to the Boise state house and, considering that Craig, Crapo and Kempthorne showered her with accolades at the “Tribute to Helen breakfast,” Kempthorne should be honored to have Chenoweth serve as his lieutenant. “They all agreed that she had national leadership recognition, and that many western states considered her “their” congressman for her defense of private property, her stand against species reintroduction and water rights,” Hansen said.

Throughout her six years in Congress, Chenoweth has championed property rights, national sovereignty and domestic agriculture. Chenoweth has also denounced federal land and water grabs and our participation in NATO and the UN. “We cannot afford to lose such a powerful freedom fighter, and we have the chance to keep her in the state if we keep her name in the news, and pressure on Kempthorne to appoint her,” concluded Hansen who says that Chenoweth would accept the appointment.

Letters can be sent to the governor at:

State Capitol
2nd Floor
West Wing
Boise, Idaho 83720-0034

You may contact Hansen electronically at: or visit the Idaho Citizens Eagle Forum website at:

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