From the June 2000 Idaho Observer:

Strange Haze and Smart Alecs

by Amy Worthington

On June 2, at 6 a.m the Coeur d'Alene sky was a gorgeous robin's egg blue, but as usual, it began to fill with milky smears. The scunge was so obvious that I decided to call downtown stations KHTQ and KVNI to suggest that someone start a dialogue about what was going on overhead.

I dialed KHTQ first. When a voice answered, it echoed and I realized I was on the air. Although surprised to be launched into public consciousness so suddenly, I described the carnage I was seeing from my front door. A soupy, sarcastic voice sneered “Do you think it is a dirty, rotten conspiracy?” I replied that I did not know, but it seemed to me that people should be concerned enough to get some answers. There was clown-like laughter, then the voice fairly shrieked, “The bastards, the bastards!!” The phone clicked and I was simply hung up on. I naturally wondered who had licensed the mental midgets of KHTQ to so freely fill the airwaves with profanity.

Not to be discouraged I called KVNI and radio announcer Dick Haugen answered. I asked him if he had looked outside at all the “action.” I said that the wide, smeary contrails were crisscrossing in a most bizarre fashion and could not be from commercial air traffic. Haugen stated impatiently that what I was seeing were just “normal” contrails and that because one plane was going to Canada and another to Montana, they just “appear” to cross.

I started to explain why I did not buy his flippant theory, but Haugen crudely interrupted me with, “Ma'am, it's probably the UN and they are going to bomb us!”

Then he too hung up on me.

A friend of ours reported this week that she took her husband with a lung ailment to Deaconess Hospital in Spokane. She was told by a Deaconess staffer that the hospital has never had so many serious respiratory cases as it has right now.

This is June, folks! What will statistics show in muggy August when the grass fields are set ablaze and mighty black plumes of billowing smoke rise to meet the StrangeHaze? There is certainly no use in calling our local radio stations for a coherent discussion of these issues even though there is enough documentation for people to be concerned.

There is good reason to believe that aluminum oxide is indeed being sprayed upon the hapless masses. Late last year, 500 citizens in the small town of Espanola in Ontario, Canada, demanded that the U.S. military stop spraying them after they developed illnesses believed to be related to military maneuvers. Tests in the area uncovered not only aluminum oxide particles but also dangerously high levels of poisonous carbon black, a substance routinely used by our military to jam radar signals and track airborne dispersion patterns.

Meantime strange, man-made filaments reportedly containing barium titanate are being found in various spray areas. The filaments are strikingly florescent under black light. They are described as having a twisted ribbon shape with little polymer whiskers and generally within the 10-micron size range. The EPA insists that toxic particles 10 microns or smaller are extremely dangerous because they can be inhaled directly into the bloodstream.

Are our kids breathing invisible polymer particles infused with the stuff technicians use to illuminate organs in radiology? Or worse?

Whenever the sun rises on a blue sky in the Coeur d'Alene-Spokane area these days, alert citizens may watch teams of planes equipped with spray booms delivering particulate material into the atmosphere. Lines of billowy “shaving cream” are spewed in odd tic-tac toe, X-shaped and even circular patterns which linger for hours. Closeup photos in negative format reveal that the planes deliver this gunk in streaming core lines which expand rapidly into wispy cirrus layers or puffy little cotton blanket clouds. As the core lines widen, they appear to have precipitation-like particles cascading downwards from their edges. People with time to watch can see “weather” being created right before their eyes.

Persistent, ever-widening spray trails are proven to be deliberately created pollution when commercial jets pass alongside the streaks and their contrails vanish almost immediately as normal water vapor trails always have. Every sprayday the chemspew finally creates a thick refractive haze. By late afternoon, huge rainbow-colored rings of hexagonal crystals are usually seen around the muck-smeared sun. Although consecutive spray days may result in heavy overcast and hastily revised weather reports, rain is not necessarily the end result.

We in the Northwest are not alone in our suffering under such gross pollution. Every U.S. state, Australia, Canada and many European countries are being bombarded with “StrangeHaze.” There are now literally hundreds of web sites dedicated to unraveling this unnerving phenomenon. Researchers throughout the world are seeking to ascertain who is spraying the masses, what “they” hope to accomplish and what kinds of chemicals are being used to keep our skies so foul.

A good place to start looking for information on contrails is The evidence is there. All people have to do is look up.

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