From the June 2000 Idaho Observer:

CDC contines to prepare U.S. for the coming influenza pandemic

by The Idaho Observer

In the June, 1999 edition of The Idaho Observer, we printed a story based upon shocking revelations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding the inevitability of a world-wide influenza pandemic and the police-state mechanisms that will be triggered to handle the resultant chaos. “Preparing For the Next Influenza Pandemic” was broadcast to the nation's health departments and institutes of public health instruction February 25, 1999. The video, if you have not seen it, is extremely enlightening and is available upon request from your local health department.

The next pandemic preparedness program from the CDC is scheduled to be broadcast via satelite to the nation's public health personnel July 13, 2000. We suggest that you contact your local health department and reserve a seat from which to witness what the federal government is telling its legions of 5th branch medical soldiers.

The Immunization Action Coalition (IAC) has been spreading the word of the pending CDC broadcast. The IAC promotes mass and mandatory vaccination as sound public health policy no matter how many children are killed or permanently disabled as a result of being vaccinated.

“The next influenza pandemic: Not if, but when” is the central message of the annual 'Preparing for the Next Influenza Pandemic' satellite broadcast sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Public health officials who attend this broadcast will learn about strategies to address community needs during the next influenza pandemic. Originally scheduled for June, this year's broadcast has been rescheduled for Thursday, July 13, 2000,” the IAC explained.

CDC promotional literature for the program stated, “Epidemiologists agree that the probability is high that another dangerous new strain of the influenza virus will emerge. In an effort to lessen the worldwide morbidity and mortality that such a strain will cause, public health experts from federal, state, and local agencies have developed state and local guidelines to prepare for the next influenza pandemic and its anticipated vaccine shortage and disruption of social and community services. This live, interactive satellite broadcast will update local, state, and national plans, describe the federal role in the case of pandemic influenza as well as provide recommendations for antiviral drug use and triage and infection control measures.”

For more information on this course, you can visit the CDC's Public Health Training Network website at:

Updates to the planning guide and general broadcast information will be made available on this website prior to July 13, 2000.

A guidebook titled “Pandemic Influenza: A Planning Guide for State and Local Officials (Draft 2.1)” will be the text for the course. To download this document online, go to:

To register or to receive information about course materials and continuing education credit, contact your State Immunization Coordinator. For a list of State Immunization Coordinators and their phone numbers, go to:

Ingri Cassel, President of the North Idaho Chapter of Vaccination Liberation will attend the broadcast and a full report of the program will be published in the August edition of The Idaho Observer.

For more information contact Cassel at:
Vaccination Liberation - North Idaho Chapter
P.O. Box 1444, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816
or via email at:

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