From the May 2000 Idaho Observer:

Angels are not playing this HAARP, either

Patents indicate technocrat design to control human behavior in Brave New World

by PJ Morgan

World renowned author and researcher Dr. Nick Begich was in Spokane last April, 2000. He spoke to a rapt audience about Orwellian technology now available to those dedicated to keeping Americans under strict surveillance and control. His newest book, Earth Rising, is a well-documented chronicle of awesome designs by America's military-industrial complex to keep citizens on a very tight leash -- invading our brains, if necessary, to make us “behave.”

Dr. Begich is also co-author of Angles Don't Play This HAARP, a scientific analysis of the military's experimental Alaska-based radio wave antenna system which is now agitating (boiling) the ionosphere with focused radio waves. This system is apparently part of the master plan to implement far-reaching and insidious human control mechanisms.

The HAARP system was originally developed to facilitate a number of projects profitable to America's corporate megalith. Atlantic Richfield, Co. (ARCO), did the preliminary work hoping to make enormous profits by beaming electrical power without wires from a gas-fired powerhouse on the Alaskan North Slope where ARCO sits on huge reserves of natural gas. Now under control of the U.S. military and its defense contractors, the HAARP apparatus is said to be capable of finding and disrupting nuclear payloads and enemy communications. Dr. Begich confirmed that there is also a weather modification component of electromagnetic tampering with the ionosphere, even though the U.S. signed a 1977 treaty banning weather modification as a weapon.

As the HAARP apparatus zaps and lifts the upper atmosphere with steerable electromagnetic beams, extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic waves bounce back to earth, penetrating all living organisms. ELF waves in certain frequencies are known to be extremely hazardous to human health. The impact of the full gamut of physical and psychological effects of HAARP waves on humans are yet unknown. Therefore, the use of ELF on humans fits the definition of scientific experimentation.

Dr. Begich has collated scientific data suggesting that the HAARP system is immensely reckless and that its side-effects may turn out to be worse than the weapons it supposedly guards against. Such side-effects may be more fully realized once HAARP is operating at its full potential of 1.7 billion watts of effective energy.

Thanks to information which Dr. Begich collected while researching U.S. military documents and commercial patents related to HAARP, the European Parliament recently passed a resolution asking the U.S. to halt the HAARP project until the full ramifications of such technology can be properly studied. Many Europeans are already extremely angry about NASA's Orwellian Echelon spy satellites. European dignitaries were especially amazed when Begich demonstrated for them a frequency device that can cause the human brain to “hear” voices.

While digging through government documents to research the HAARP system, Dr. Begich discovered numerous bizarre U.S. military studies which propose to use the type of pulsed radio frequency radiation generated by HAARP to disrupt human mental processes and control human behavior. Such designs are apparently part of the Pentagon's well-developed Directed Energy weapons program. Dr. Begich noted that the Pentagon successfully used these mind-altering weapons during the Gulf War to afflict the Iraqis with panic and irrational behavior. That was nearly 10 years ago.

Dr. Begich explained that the human brain has its own electrical frequencies (between 1-30 hertz) but it can easily be “entrained” to adopt other frequencies in the environment. Thus, select ELF frequencies beamed at the brain can disrupt normal brain patterns, cause seizures, paralyze the nervous system and create emotional instability. Dr. Begich said that Directed Energy weapons can actually flip human emotions on and off like a light switch. Select frequencies can also be used to implant into the brain subliminal instructions against which the conscious mind has no defense. The Air Force has readily admitted that these electromagnetic weapons are especially valuable because they attack silently, they can render individuals combat-ineffective and countermeasures would be difficult, if not impossible, to develop.

Dr. Begich is a stickler for using source documents to verify his research conclusions. One such document is an Air Force paper entitled New World Vistas which discusses the technology of projecting control signals into the human brain in order to affect the mental functions of a broad segment of the world's population. He also cited Revolution in Military Affairs produced by the U.S. Army War College in 1994 which discusses the eventual necessity of equipping both military personnel and civilians with electronic position locator devices permanently implanted under the skin. These implants would continuously inform a central data bank of the bearers' location. This grotesque document notes that such electronic implants would undoubtedly violate American values, but asserts that Americans must have their values changed so that they will willingly accept the tracking mechanisms being prepared for them. The paper also concludes that behavior modification is a key component of “peace enforcement” and that sensor technologies “might be ideally suited for helping develop desired emotions, attitudes or behavior.”

Dr. Begich pointed out how dangerous these mindsets are, coming from a military-industrial complex that has shamelessly conducted genocidal experiments on unwitting subjects, meddled in internal affairs of sovereign nations and ignited global wars purely for the profit of multinational corporations. “Even God,” Dr. Begich said, “would not remove from mankind its free agency -- the right to think rationally and the right to chose a course of action.”

Dr. Begich noted that Directed Energy weapons can not only remove our ability to think rationally, but they can also insidiously interfere with body systems and damage internal organs. Dr. Begich said the U.S. military has actually developed a code book listing a broad array of lethal frequencies that can kill without leaving any outward sign of damage. Certain frequencies can interfere with lung function or stop the human heart from a distance. He lamented that such technology has been developed exclusively for weapons capabilities and has been withheld from medical science, which might be able to use the technology for purposes other than inflicting death.

“Such electromagnetic devices,” said Dr. Begich, “are now available to unscrupulous controllers to remove all human freedom and human rights. Further,” he added, “powerful frequencies harnessed as weapons of control can be channeled to a target population through digital televisions, telephones and other psychotronic generators.”

Dr. Begich noted that such deplorable technology is a literal fulfillment of the published prognostications of Zbigniew Brzezinski who worked with David Rockefeller to co-found of the Trilateral Commission. Brzezinski predicted 30 years ago that society would be increasingly controlled by a “unrestrained” elitist group “which would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior and keeping society under close surveillance and control.”

Today the commission is a non-governmental, corporation-funded powerhouse which holds the reigns of political and economic power in the USA, Western Europe and Japan. Dr. Begich noted that shoppers in Japan are already entrained not to shoplift by powerful subliminal signals beamed into their brains by directed energy generators.

Dr. Begich noted that in an age when technologies with such negative possibilities are so readily available, individuals are becoming increasingly transparent to their controllers, who in turn are becoming increasingly opaque to the citizens who support them with tax dollars. “It should be the other way around,” he said.

Despite his grim revelations about Orwellian technology in the hands of control freaks dedicated to the abuse of that technology, Dr Begich had a very positive secondary message: Americans can still make a difference in the scheme of things. He presented inspiring examples of how one dedicated person can make a dramatic difference in human history. He said we are morally obligated to do our part to make others aware of mankind's perilous situation.

He urged his audience to read and learn about technology so that we can maintain a dialogue, exert knowledgeable influence and keep jealous vigilance over our few remaining freedoms, especially the freedom to think coherently and independently. Since the world's technological knowledge is now doubling every nine months, we have a lot of reading to do. An excellent place to start is with the dynamic and persuasive research of Dr. Nick Begich.

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