From the April 2000 Idaho Observer:

The curiousness of contrails

By Don Harkins

Almost three years ago we heard the first reports via the Internet that JP+100 jetplane fuel was being formulated with the additive ethylene dibromide -- a chemical that has reportedly been banned as both an additive to fuel and as a pesticide due to its toxicity -- and that the presence of the carcinogenic and immunosuppressive substance is characterized by “vapor” trails, or “contrails” that do not dissipate normally.

Since that first report in fall, 1997, reports of grid patterns of contrails have been reported all over the world. People have been associating such contrail episodes with extremely high numbers of people being hospitalized with upper respiratory distress and subsequent secondary infections such as pneumonia.

There have even been reports from all over the map of various substances like gel, yogurt, spiderwebs and dust that have fallen mysteriously out of the sky to make people sick.

In fall, 1999, the FBI reportedly admitted to select groups of health professionals, that the federal government is benevolently crop dusting the American people because domestic terrorists have been spreading biological weapons around and that their operations are neutralizing the threat -- in the interest of public safety. The health professionals were reportedly told that this information was not made available to the public for fear it might cause a panic.

Available on the Net are hundreds of pictures and hundreds of stories from dozens of websites which indicate that the contrail phenomenon is real.

Try as we might, there are some important questions remained unanswered. Who is doing this? Who is paying for it? Where are the planes taking off and landing? Who is servicing the planes and who is manufacturing the chemicals? Most importantly, who, or what, is the mastermind behind this sinister program?

We don't know. The people who have dedicated their lives to investigating contrails have not been able to find answers to those questions.

It is curious that the EPA, an agency whose propensity for closing down entire regions over suspected environmental degradation, has expressed no interest in contrails as a potential environmental and air quality degradation factor and has refused to investigate reports that have been called in by countless people.

The logistical demands of such a world-wide campaign would be so incredible it is hard to believe that these questions will remain unanswered for much longer.

The evidence is overwhelming and the amount of contrail activity seems to be increasing. All you have to do is look up into the sky to see that something must be going on because by the afternoon of a perfectly clear day the sky is covered with a haze of non-dissipated contrails. The evidence is also overwhelming that something is making people chronically sick.

It is our opinion that at some historically significant moment we are going to learn a lot of things about what is being done to us and why. In the meantime, keep your wits about you, take care of yourself by learning how to “immunize” yourself and your family members as much as you can against the toxins and contagions to which our brave new world leaders are exposing us.

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