From the April 2000 Idaho Observer:

Reno unveils federal prison to grave program

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Attorney General Janet “Thumper” Reno unveiled the federal government's plan to implement what in some cases would be lifelong monitoring of men and women who have been released from prison. Acknowledging that the U.S. has 2 million of its 265 million people behind bars, Reno said, “Two million is too many. The recidivism rate is too high when almost 500,000 people per year return to prison.”

Reno's answer to the problem was not to repeal absurd laws that make nearly all Americans available for criminal prosecution, but to “monitor” the people we release from prison -- for the rest of their lives if necessary.

Reno, who was shaking so bad from her advanced state of what is most likely cholinesterase inhibition from the buildup of organophosphates in her body that she makes a rhythmic thumping sound if her hands got too close to the podium, gave us another peek into how the federal government intends to gain legislative control over the lives of each and every American.

Last month we published a series of articles which addressed how the federal government is gaining legislative control over our minds. First it recommends jabbing our babies within an hour of birth (vitamin K, hepatitis B). Then, it recommends a regimen of at least 36 vaccinations (laden with mercury, formaldehyde, antifreeze, live and dead animal virus and tissue) by the age of two. By age five, of the children who live through the toxicological regimen we have been conditioned to accept as sound public health policy, many children begin developing physiological problems that must are controlled through addictive and dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. These children, from diaper to death, will be dependent upon government programs that will supply them with drugs to survive. Those people can be easily controlled and will not present a threat to the system.

By five years of age, epidemic proportions of children begin to develop sociopathic tendencies that are remediated with powerful and addictive psychotropic drugs such as Ritalin and Halodol. The drugs only enhance the unacceptable behavior and cause other problems both psychological and physical. Once a child, perhaps as early as kindergarten, has been prescribed the state-recommended doses of psychotropic drugs, he has been labeled legally as a “mental patient” who may be subject to state monitoring and state-mandated psychotherapy for the rest of his life. That person, therefore, will also not be a threat to the government because he will be so closely monitored that if he begins to behave in a non-conformist manner, he can be picked up, bound in a straight-jacket, pumped full of drugs and left in a white room to slobber all over himself until he is pacified sufficiently to once again be released to the streets.

And then “Thumper” tells us that we must monitor ex-convicts for the rest of their lives so that we can keep them from returning to prison.

It would appear that the federal government has figured out how to entrap most Americans into a scheme whereby it will gain legislative control over our lives and be able to monitor our every move.

If you make it through the vaccination regimen without becoming permanently disabled physically or compromised psychologically; if you can make it through government school without becoming an amoral idiot “with no sensibilities left but for sinning and suffering”; if you are able somehow to evade incarceration even though nearly all behavior is somehow criminal in the eyes of the government and punishable with jail time and nobody framed you for crimes you never committed, then you might die a free man -- unless, of course, it becomes illegal to be a non-vaccine damaged person who has never been imprisoned or prescribed psychotropic drugs.

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