From the April 2000 Idaho Observer:

Now hiring TEAM players

What follows may be a parody, but it happens to be the most concise overview of the justice system in America today. For anybody who has experienced it, is there any question that our justice sytem is the broken machine depicted here ?

by Bob Schaefer


Allege, Allegation: To pretend a negative proposition to be a fact. To assume the worst without proof, and then attempt to prove it later, ignoring mandated procedures.

Code: A commercial or environmental term with a hidden meaning or hidden agenda as in “secret codes,” Municipal Codes, County Codes, and State Codes.

Plea Bargain: Where the accused is encouraged to self-convict him or herself, after considering the evils that can be done to him or her, by our CRIMINAL-Justice System. This process, of course, saves our CRIMINAL-Justice System, the time, expense and trouble of attempting to obtain a real, genuine and valid conviction from a court-picked jury.


To raise revenue and obtain our own job security, retirement benefits and personal powers, through the well-financed police powers of the state, with its great potential for crime creation and prosecutions, by misuse of the Municipal Codes, County Codes, and State Codes.


“It is always financially better for our CRIMINAL-Justice System, to punish 10 innocent people, than to let one guilty person go free.” Of course, this is because our jails are financed on a per-bed-filled basis, like private hotels.


To use the tremendous financial resources of the various city, county and state governmental agencies to persecute poor people, and to obtain the maximum number of criminal, self-convictions, via the Plea Bargain process, obtained through threats, duress, coercion and intimidation, and by mal feasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance, fraud, deceit, misrepresentations, excessive bails and the aggressive use of “contempt of court” charges.


To achieve the highest amount of compliance with the various lesser City Codes, County Codes and State Codes, by discrediting the higher State and Federal Constitutions, and labeling those who demand Constitutional protection from their “Public Servants,” as illegal Constitutionalists, Freemen, Militia Members and Anarchists.


“Diligently working today, as a team, to promote tomorrow's One-World/New World Order.”


To control the maximum number of people, before they realize and implement their own personal, sovereign powers and their State and Federal Constitutional protections.


TEAM PLAYERS, must at all times, with a straight face and a furrow in their brow, pretend, with conviction, to be implementing the various lesser Municipal Codes, County Codes and State Codes. This, of course, is for the greatest financial benefit of all TEAM PLAYERS and to our CRIMINAL-Justice System.

Whenever possible, TEAM PLAYERS, must refer to those who study and believe the State and Federal Constitutions to be superior to the lesser codes, as illegal Constitutionalists, Freeman, Militia Members and Anarchists. TEAM PLAYERS should also, whenever possible, allege with pretended sincerity, that the accused are associated with such rebels as Born-again Christians, Evangelical Christians, Fundamental Christians, Homophobic Christians, and Right to Life Christians. Sometimes it is advantageous to make the attack even more aggressive by alleging the accused to be a member of other fringe groups such as Separatists, White Supremacists or Skin Heads. The target organizations or groups must always be negatively identified as a “Cult.”

TEAM PLAYERS, must focus on the poor, who cannot afford a defense attorney or the high bail that will be set. The accused will always be considered as a “flight risk” in order to deprive them of their freedom, and to impose an excessively high bail amount. From past experience, it is clear, there is no way people can possibly prepare a competent defense from inside the jail, which is to our advantage. Most of the time, we will provide the accused with our own, “always-too-busy,' Public Pretender, who will create a false public record that will give the accused “the appearance” of representation.

With such a scenario, the accused, without trial or conviction, can be incarcerated, deprived of vital medications, separated from family, job or profession, and, thereby, be “pre-trial punished,” for many months, before any genuine conviction might be obtained. Sometimes we even place perfectly sane people into mental institutions under the guise of Psychiatric Evaluation. We can keep them locked up there forever with that one as there is no time limits with that scam. Of course, if it can ever be proven that TEAM PLAYERS had evil motives, (Ha ha) TEAM PLAYERS are protected with one of the several IMMUNITIES provided by law, and cannot be sued. And if we can get the accused to self-convict him or herself with the commercial Plea Bargain presented either by our own Public Pretender, or our own District Attorney, much time and expense can be saved by our CRIMINAL-Justice system, and none of the various immunities will be needed later. The Plea Bargain scam has saved our CRIMINAL-Justice System much time and expense, even though a few innocent people have convicted themselves to avoid our aggressive prosecution scam successes.

This well-developed scam has been developed to the point that the accused, at the various jails, more humanely named “detention centers,” often loses money, clothing, papers and other valuable materials, and there is absolutely nothing he or she can do about it. Sometimes evidence is “lost” or maybe even “disappears” [up someone's nose] and nobody seems to know what happened to it.

TEAM PLAYERS don't even have to take California's Constitutionally-mandated Oath of Office. The California Vogel case allows TEAM PLAYERS to omit the second paragraph of the required state Oath, because the California Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional as to the United States Constitution. Although we can't find any precedence that allows a California Judicial Department Court of Law, to overrule or amend the state Constitution in non-federal issues, TEAM PLAYERS like that constitutional ruling, even though we still attack others who rely on constitutional rulings by labeling them “Constitutionalists.”

Those desiring to be TEAM PLAYERS, with all of the regular Civil Servant benefits, [the term “Servant” should be ignored.] (i.e. High salary, vacations with pay, hospitalization insurance, health insurance, and full retirement benefits), should contact your local CRIMINAL-justice system's Human Resource Department.

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