From the March 2000 Idaho Observer:

Pro-American journalism student draws heat from high school administrators

POST FALLS -- Opinion page editor Russell Dunne, 17, of Post Falls High School's Trojan Times has been subjected to measures intended to censor what he wishes to have published in the school newspaper. The newspaper's editorial staff published the well-grounded young man's articles “Evolution, communism and racism: What's the difference?” “Political correctness close to pure communism” and other thought-provoking and pro-traditional American values opinion pieces. Dunne was told after the newspaper published, “Is globalistic mentality endangering American's sovereignty” that his work would have to first be approved by an “editorial review board” before it would be published.

When asked what could have prompted the school's principle and other policy makers to censor his thoughts as a journalist, Dunne said that the issue of whether or not his articles were accurate were not discussed. “They said that my articles were not relevant and that nobody was reading them,” Dunne explained.

This is obviously not true. Somebody is reading them.

The school apparently made reference to a Supreme Court ruling that allows schools to censor material in school publications. The ruling was made to prevent students from enjoying 1st Amendment protection for obscene material.

Dunne has never been accused of writing obscene material. His opinions are just anathema to public instruction.

The February 9, 2000 article that compelled Post Falls High School to censor Dunne is reprinted below. You decide for yourself if the article, particularly because it comes from the heart of young man who attends public school in the year 2000, is interesting and/or relevant. Then call Post Falls High School (208-773-0581) to support Dunne's right to express his love and concern for his country through opinion pieces he writes for the high school newspaper in an attempt to inspire his fellow students.

Is globalistic mentality endangering American sovereignty?

By Russell Dunne

More than a craze, more than an idea, but it's a suspicious way of thinking that has dangerous potential. This way of thought is not new and secluded to the far left liberals, but is and has long taken up believers in high ranking government officials representing our country. And surprise, surprise, Clinton is one of them. Last year in Istanbul, Clinton declared himself “a citizen of the world.” You needn't go farther than the Pledge of Allegiance to find a flaw in his philosophy.

Clinton referring to himself as a “citizen of the world” might lead you to wonder what happened to America's independence (from the world), and might lead you to doubt Clinton's allegiance to America.

Many organizations have been constructed in the interest of this globalistic type thought. The United Nations was devised in 1945 by globalists such as Soviet spies Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White, now high-ranking U.S. officials. Ironic enough, the UN charter is patterned after the Russian Constitution and has had a Russian chief military commander ever since the beginning and has continued to carry on this policy.

America is playing an outstanding role in the UN and has launched several “peace-keeping” campaigns into the eastern hemisphere. However, American troops sent out to participate fight under the banner of the UN and wear UN patches and berets to match.

It's highly unfortunate that you don't have a choice in your apparel either: Refusal to wear these required hats and patches result in a court martial with a bad conduct discharge, as happened to army specialist Michael New (read about it in “Michael New, Mercenary or American Soldier” available in the High School library). For some other men who chose to wear these decorations of the UN and met tragic misfortune in an Iraq incident, Al Gore offered condolences to the families of the men who died in service of the United Nations. In service of the United Nations? What about in the service of the United States of America?

The leaders currently involved with the United Nations are also banned together by another common goal: save the trees, bees and fleas at any cost. This banner of environmentalism has been used to surrender 48 U.S. national parks and twenty other locations to the partial control of the United Nations renamed United Nations Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage sites. Some parks include: Redwood National Park, Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Statue of Liberty National Park, and Glacier National Park.

Global mentality also comes in direct conflict with our constitutional republic. Note that it is a constitutional republic and not a democracy.

Globalists plan on a worldwide governance opening the gate to gun registration, global religion, a UN standing army and global taxes. It also asks the question, who will be in charge of these armies united for the world? Who will authorize the use of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction? And more importantly, who dictates when to use them?

The UN is planning a global summit on the future of the world in September, 2000 and is poised to impose a new world government.

“For when they say 'peace and safety' the sudden destruction comes upon them...” 1st Thessalonians 5:3

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