From the February 2000 Idaho Observer:

Governor calls for creation of caste system

"I will submit legislation to you making it clear that the murder of a police officer qualifies as a capital offense that warrants the death penalty. If you kill a cop in Idaho, be prepared to forfeit your life," Governor Kempthorne told us in his January 17, 2000 State of the State Address.

What if you kill a mother? What if you kill a father? What if you kill a young man or woman who was working their way through college as a janitor so that they could one day make the world a better place?

The governor has stated that he feels that some lives are more sacred than others. More specifically, the governor stated that the lives of government agents are more sacred than the lives of taxpayers.

In 1997 Idaho District Federal Judge Edward Lodge declared open season on the American people when he dismissed manslaughter charges against federal sniper/assassin Lon Horiuchi. Horiuchi fatally shot Vicki Weaver, who was guilty of nothing, in the face while she held her baby in her arms during the infamous seige at Ruby Ridge.

Since that time, many innocent Americans have been murdered by government agents who are generally promoted and receive medals for their actions.

In this country the right of the individual, regardless of his race, color, socio-economic status or religious affiliation, is supposed to be preeminent. Why do we have special laws for gays, special laws for blacks and other minorities and why do we have special laws for cops?

Leaders like Kempthorne are creating a caste society in the land of the free. We have special laws for special people and unless you are special in the eyes of elitists like "our" governor, you will be as expendable a human resource as Vicki Weaver, the Branch Davidians and the countless others who are being killed by special people with badges. (The IO)

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