From the January 2000 Idaho Observer:

Kempthorne to sue federal government -- for the children

by The Idaho Observer

In a bold move that can only be described as political grandstanding considering his track record of aquiescence to federal policy and authority, Governor Dirk Kempthorne announced that the State of Idaho has filed suit against the federal government for the sake of the children. Attorney General Al Lance announced the December 28, 1999 filing against the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) over its intention to block road development in roadless areas in keeping with the federal agenda to systematically eliminate public access to national forests.

Lance explained that the USFS didn't give the state enough time to comment on the unconstitutional proposal. Lance has also charged the USFS for failing to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request. “The bottom line is that it is impossible for the state, or any Idahoan, to obtain information necessary to understand the Forest Service's proposal,” explained Lance.

Lance is apparently not a student of history, nor has he been paying attention to the federal government's incessant and unconstitutional usurpation of state land and state rights. Any Idahoan can understand the USFS proposal -- it proposes to continue to systematically take control of the resources on and under at least 8 million acres of this state.

Lance has been implicated in several scandals involving US Bank, Federal Judge Edward Lodge and the Idaho Department of Finance in which innocent Idahoans have been bilked of millions of dollars. Lance has also refused to prosecute county prosecutors who engage in malicious prosecutions of innocent people.

Governor Kempthorne stated, “As President of the Land Board, I'm extremely concerned about what this proposal [that he can't understand] could mean for Idaho's children.”

Governor Kempthorne's first priority as governor was to use the authority of his office to pressure parents into vaccinating their children and order the state's legislative implementation of a vaccine tracking registry. Following the federal guidelines for mandatory vaccines even though he was inundated with evidence that vaccines are contaminated, dangerous and even deadly, Kempthorne proved that his concern for children is measured by the price tag on their heads (states are rewarded by the federal government in accordance with their percentages of fully vaccinated children).

Kempthorne further indicated his allegiance to the people of his state when he said, “If the Clinton administration has its way, many of our state's public trust lands could be severely devalued -- which directly affects the foundation for school funding in our state.”

Hari Heath fully exposed the public trust lands issue in the March, 1999 edition of The Idaho Observer. The legislature last year decided to allow the default president of the Land Board, the governor, to gamble the state's public trust lands in the stock market.

Revenues from public trust lands have successfully funded Idaho public schools for over 100 years. Suddenly, the governor has the authority to gamble them in the stock market in the hopes that modern investment strategies will make lots of money (for the schools?)

The Idaho Observer has identified Senator-turned-Governor Kempthorne as a federal stooge in the governor's mansion whose purpose is to break the spirit of the people of this state. His voting record in the Senate supported this charge and his activities in the governor's mansion confirm it.

The people of this state oppose federal dictates that determine what we can and cannot do with our state lands. If Kempthorne was really interested in protecting the people of this state, he would tell the USFS to leave and that Idaho will manage its own forests. Instead, he and his attorney general have filed a lawsuit to give people the impression that they are fighting against federal encroachment on state land when, in fact, the feds will continue with its plans as if the state of Idaho had not even filed an action in federal court.

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