From the January 2000 Idaho Observer:

CDC pandemic prediction bears fruit

Flu, parasite victims swamp hospitals; flu shots ineffective

On February 26, 1999, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) broadcast "Preparing for the next Influenza Pandemic" to health departments all over the nation. The CDC predicted that an influenza pandemic was imminent and inevitable (The Idaho Observer, July, 1999). Is this the predicted pandemic? If so, will 400,000 Americans die as a result? What is in the flu vaccine that has no effect on this flu? If the CDC could predict this pandemic, why couldn't it predict the flu strain and develop a vaccine that would work? Do flu vaccines really work (The Idaho Observer, October, 1999)?

by Don Harkins

Both national network and local news stations are reporting that hospitals all over the country are filled to capacity with “flu” victims. The 90 million doses of trivalent flu vaccine that was produced in advance of this flu season to greet three specific types of influenza strains are not working. People who received the shot are among the hospitalized.

“The whole picture is baffling to me. ... This virus is just a much more successful parasite than other viruses,” said W. Paul Glezen, an epidemiologist at the Influenza Research Center at Baylor Medical School in Houston. “It's definitely different than any other year's.”

The key word is parasite. To our knowledge the word parasite has never been used in conjunction with the flu in a news story. According to the Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine and Nursing, a virus and a parasite are not synonymous. A parasite needs to feed from a host to gain nourishment and a virus requires “susceptible host cells for multiplication and activity.”

A parasite cannot be a virus and vice versa.

The term parasite, however, is consistent with the findings of naturopathic physicians who have been successfully treating the dis-ease as a fungus. Although hospitals are overwhelmed and treating the symptoms unsuccessfully as a virus with antibiotics and other “traditional” therapies, naturopathic physicians identified the dis-ease as a fungus and have had success treating it with anti-fungal herbs such as yarrow, black walnut, elderberry and garlic.

“To make matters worse, this year's flu strain is particularly treacherous: Some flus are severe but not persistent. Some flus are persistent but not severe. This year's strain is both,” commented the Spokesman-Review in its front page story for January 7, 2000.

“There are a lot of other illnesses that cause flu-like symptoms,” Nancy Cox, chief of the CDC's influenza branch said. “It's definitely not all influenza-related.” Cox admitted that the CDC is “stumped.”

There is no indication that the epidemic has even come close to its peak. “I'm expecting the flu to get worse before it gets better,” Janet Englund, a professor of pediatrics and a flu researcher at the University of Chicago said.

The epidemic comes at a time when sales of flu vaccines are soaring. According to the CDC, in 1989, 30 million flu vaccines were produced in America. This year pharmaceutical companies prepared 90 million doses. It is estimated that over 70 percent of seniors over 65 get a flu shot. The rate has been increasing “ever since it became a covered benefit under Medicare,” said Dr. John Treanor, professor of medicine at the University of Rochester in New York state.

Documents acquired under the Freedom of Information Act have linked the medical department at Rochester University to radiation experiments on unsuspecting patients in the 40s and 50s and, more recently, to mycoplasma research.

Dr. Len Horowitz, author of Emerging Viruses -- AIDS and Ebola: Nature, Accident or Intentional, has been following the document trail as these strange diseases are being developed under contract for chemical and biological weapons research.

Dr. Horowitz recommends that people suffering from these epidemic diseases simply alkalinize their bodies with lots of purified water and fresh squeezed lemons or raw apple cider vinegar. Avoid all mucous-forming foods such as meat, bread, dairy products and anything containing refined sugar. It is best to fast for the duration of the illness. Of course you may choose to consult with your physician first, but, since most pharmaceutical preparations acidify the body, it is being advised by the naturopaths who successfully treat these sicknesses to treat yourself naturally with an intelligent diet, lots of liquids and the plant products mentioned previously.

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