From the December 1999 Idaho Observer:

Devitalized foods, toxins giving birth to sickly, unbalanced Americans

by Carol Geck, ND

Our bodies are made up of many natural chemicals, vitamins, enzymes and trace minerals. Nowadays, there is usually a lack of all of these essential nutrients in our bodies. This phenomenon is a direct result of our Americanized diets of devitalized foods like white bread and drinks sweetened with sugar.

The lack of proper nutrition is especially devastating to the generations of children who are developing within the wombs of illnourished mothers. As a result, we are finding that more and more children are being born physically, mentally and immunologically impaired. This means that, as a culture, we are positioned to experience a snowballing effect with regard to health problems in the future for ourselves, our children and grandchildren.

People are becoming weaker and weaker with the intake of synthetic food components. We must also consider the amount of synthetic chemical additives, preservatives, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, artificial fertilizers, colorings and flavorings that we also ingest every day in our diets. Most of the items just mentioned are poisons that are not readily metabolized and simply accumulate in the body and are stored in our fat.

A case in point: Years ago, I had a friend that came to me with many different problems. As we talked about his dietary intake, he made the statement that he usually drank nine cans a day of a popular soft drink, and had done so for about 20 years. If you do the math, he drank, for 20 years, 63 cans a week, 252 a month, and 3024 a year, or 60,480 total cans of pop. Can you imagine the sugar, flavorings, coloring, preservatives and carbonation that his body had to process?

Apparently, the medical doctors had diagnosed him with a kidney problem, and wanted to give him more chemical preparations, which he refused. His medical doctor never suggested that he take a serious look at the amount of soft drinks or the junk (fast) foods that he had lived on for 90 percent of his life.

These synthetic chemical components have a color and weight and, after ingesting them, they can be found in the blood and tissues of the body.

A close relative of my husband had many health problems, we could not keep track of the prescribed drugs that she took, but we know that she took 10 well known aspirin tablets every day for at least 45 years (164,250 aspirins). Can you imagine the synthetic chemical residue that was in her body, and how she was affected by these components?

Apparently, our pharmaceutical companies have all the answers on how to heal a body because they pay our world wide TV, radio, and newspaper media to keep pounding the message into our brains everyday. Got a headache? Take an aspirin. Racked with pain? Get a pain killer. Have a yeast infection? Get the latest synthetic cure. Got indigestion? Take antacids. Can't breathe? Get yourself the newest inhaler. Constipated? Take a laxative. Diarrhea? Quick, find something to stop it! Got a cold? Take a cold suppressant. Coughing too much? Here, have some cough syrup, a cough drop, or some cough suppressants. Bothered with a rash? Get cortisone. Got hemorrhoids? Get a preparation.

The remedies cited above only address the symptoms. Could it be that your body is yelling for help and you aren't answering the call correctly?

Years ago I had many health problems. I was totally ignorant about my body. My diet consisted of junk foods and my body was constantly wracked with pain. To remedy my ills, I used every product that was in my “medicine” chest, plus whatever was being prescribed to me. I did not realize that my body and liver were becoming toxic and overloaded with synthetic chemicals until one day I became so sick that I couldn't move from my bed.

A good friend then arrived at my door carrying a book called, “Food Is Your Best Medicine,” by Henry G. Bieler, M.D. As I read this wonderful book, I was amazed that within the first 35 pages I had answers on how to help my body.

Dr. Bieler writes, “While it is true that drugs promising cures proliferate like rabbits, it is also true that drug making is no modern phenomenon. From the beginning of time man has searched for the potent elixir which would absolve him of his sins while allowing him to continue committing them.”

Bieler also wrote, “Man has been called 'an ingenious assembly of portable plumbing.' And down that 'plumbing' through the ages he has poured concoctions of powdered scorpions and bats' ears and ergot of rye and powdered opium mixed with ipecac and hensbane, dogsbane and ratsbane and deadly nightshade as well as thousands of more ordinary cure-alls.”

We may feel that we're living in a time of “drug hypnosis,” but it was a half-century before Christ when Publius Syrus sagely observed, “There are some remedies worse than the disease.”

William J. Mayo, M.D., wrote, “The aim of medicine is to PREVENT disease and prolong life; the ideal of medicine is to eliminate the need of a physician.”

Where have we gone wrong?

Could it be that we have placed our precious body in the hands of another person, and not taken the responsibility of our own bodies? YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for your own health, not the AMA, FDA or your physician. If your physician prescribes a drug for “treatment,” ask him or her what known side-effects exist. If he or she downplays any risk, ask yourself this question: “Is playing Russian roulette with drugs worth risking my life?”

In consulting with my clients, I find many children and adults are quite sensitive to many synthetic substances and it is any one or a combination of these substances that are the root cause of their ailments. It often takes researching every food, beverage, body soap, spray, lotion, perfume, even dish soap, laundry soap and laundry fabric softener, solvent and house and garden chemical that goes into and onto their bodies before we are able to isolate the irritant(s).

In giving you back the power to learn and understand how your body can heal itself, acknowledge this fact: When you put anything into or onto your body, your hands are involved in applying that substance or ingredient, whatever it may be -- that makes you your own physician. Jesus said, “Physician, heal thy self.” It is too bad a lot of us haven't or won't listen to Him, as YOU ARE the only true physician over YOUR own body. You alone have the power to heal your body, boost your immune system through fasting, bowel cleansing, controlling the parasites, eating better and purer foods. One must also credit positive thinking and a consistent exercise regimen as important components of a fully-functioning immune system.

The word “Doctor” in the Greek language means Teacher. Most of the medical doctors have more training in modern drugs and surgery procedures, and very little training in nutrition. So, is it any wonder that they don't or can't teach us a natural way to heal our body? Do this for yourself, read and educate yourself. Having knowledge of your body's digestion and elimination channels is one of the important keys to help your body to live a longer and healthier life.

There are many sources of information at your local health food stores and libraries that could help you to understand your body and how to feed it correctly.


Carol Geck is one of the most intuitive healers we have ever seen. She has the ability to identify problems and teach people how to heal themselves and regain control of their bodies.

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