From the December 1999 Idaho Observer:

I, ___________________________ , solemnly swear to support and defend my innocent neighbor in times of malicious prosecution

The Idaho Observer has published the stories of many innocent people who are denied due process, denied access to uncompromised legal counsel and are denied the right to present witnesses and evidence into court that will prove their innocence. We have followed these stories and have followed innocent people right into prison. We have contacted state representatives, state senators, state attorneys general, judicial fitness councils, state bar associations, governors and governors' staffs. We have contacted state and federal investigative entities and local law enforcement. We have contacted U.S. Representatives and U.S Senators. All of them claim to be bound by bureaucratic chains that prevent them from helping and tell us to seek private legal counsel to undo the damage done by public employees who appear to be immune from prosecution. We have contacted the ACLU and other private attorneys, local and national media and, in all cases, no one is willing to help innocent people have their lives returned to them.

There are no remedies in the system. The only remedy we have is each other. The Idaho Observer will provide a copy of the pact at right to any group of people that is principled enough to stand by one another and will swear to stand by one another in times of malicious prosecution.

It is our suggestion that you take the copy we send you, make enough copies so that the people in your community or in your group can sign two of them: One to be filed with your county commissioner and one for them to keep in their files.

The greatest frustration for us at The Idaho Observer is the seemingly endless parade of innocent people who are marched forcefully out of their homes and into prison because their attorneys are too cowardly to use the mechanisms at their disposal to force justice -- we are unable to right the wrongs by ourselves.

I, _____________________________________________________ , do solemnly swear to support and defend my innocent neighbor in times of malicious prosecution. I understand that the functions of government can unravel and become a threat to the constitutional freedoms of the honest citizens who have supported the criminal justice system for the benefit of the community.

Judges can become arrogant, biased, and dishonest. Prosecutors for the state may be overzealous in obtaining a conviction at any cost, including sending the innocent to prison. In a trial, evidence favorable to you can be kept from the jury. Police can be disdainful of our constitutional rights.

No honest, law abiding person should have to fear a corrupt judge, district attorney, prosecutor, police officers, federal swat teams, or any other law enforcement officials.

Therefore, myself and the citizens who sign this mutual compact agree to come to the aid of the other signatories and their families if they are deprived of constitutional rights and are harassed by government officials. We will support each other through legal and lawful means including letters to the editor, legislators, congressmen, senators, use of the Internet, email, recall, and any other legal means to obtain justice. We will attend courtroom proceedings and we will peacefully assemble in public protest as needed.

We support law enforcement where it is necessary, just, fair, courteous, and follows constitutional law.

(signed) _____________________________________________________

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