From the December 1999 Idaho Observer:

Woodbury uses prosecutorial power to steal $1,108 in civil district court

BONNERS FERRY -- Boundary County Prosecutor Denise Woodbury violated a judge's order from October 7, 1999, and stole $1,108 from Harley Lance through the Boundary County Courthouse December 1, 1999.

Woodbury has had her eye on Lance's money since his arrest in April, 1998, on provably false charges that he possessed large quantities of marijuana and methamphetamine that he intended to distribute.

Lance has proof through a bill of sale that the money seized at the time of his arrest were funds he earned through the sale of a car he had restored.

Woodbury attempted to steal the money through a civil action last October 7 but because The IO was in attendence, Judge Harden ruled that since Lance was not in court to defend himself (he was in prison after being sentenced by Judge Michaud, The Idaho Observer, August, 1999), he would continue the matter until such time that Lance be transported to Boundary County.

Judge Harden stated for the record to Deputy Prosecutor Todd Reed, "File a new request for a trial setting and I will ask that Lance be given an opportunity to be present."

Reed responded by saying, "Don't know if it is the state's responsibility to ask for transport?"

"Just to be safe, yes," replied Harden.

Reed then stated for the record that he, "will file a motion for transport."

The day prior to the Dec. 1 trial, The IO learned that Lance had not been transported to Bounday County from where he remains incarcerated in Boise. The IO called Woodbury's office to see if the trial date had been rescheduled. It had not and the trial was scheduled for 9:30 in Courtroom 1.

The "trial" was held, without Lance and in a different courtroom. Not surprisingly, Woodbury managed to steal the money because nobody was able to witness the theft and the defendant was not there to defend himself.

The record did show, however, that the Boundary County Prosecutor's office did summons Lance to appear on two separate occasions, but did not file an order to transport as promised.

Violating a judge's order is commonly called contempt of court, punishable by fines and imprisonment at the judge's discretion.

Note: Law-abiding residents of Boundary County should consider signing the pact above. If Woodbury decides to prosecute you for things you did not do, your neighbors will be there to help you. If we do not start looking out for each other, then we are all in danger of being victimized by lawless prosecutors.

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