From the December 1999 Idaho Observer:

Washington Senator to endorse anti-fluoride law

from the Safe Water Coalition

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Washington legislator State Senator Daniel P. Swecker has agreed to sponsor a bill banning the fluoridation of municipal water supplies in Washington State during the legislative session that will convene in January 2000.

Fluoride, a highly caustic, mutogenic, carcinogenic and immunosuppressive byproduct of phosphate fertilizer and aluminum manufacture, has been diluted in the water supplies of the nation's towns ostensibly to protect the residents from tooth decay. Ironically, less than one percent of the “medicated” water passes over the gums of the water-drinking public. At least 99 percent is gray water for bathing and washing or is used to water the lawns and gardens of America.

John Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D., who has been studying the effects of mass fluoridating the public as public health policy for many years and has written several well-documented books on the subject, attributes systemic use of the poisonous metal to a variety of symptoms that plague Americans. The list includes susceptibility to colds and flus, brittle bones in the elderly and behavioral problems in children.

According to a spokesman for the Safe Water Coalition of Washington State, a recent Dartmouth College study published in the International Journal of Environmental Studies (August, 1999) found that water treatment with fluorides increases the body's cellular uptake of lead, a condition that can lead to a variety of problems that include cancer. Lead poisoning is associated with learning disabilities, hyperactivity, substance abuse and crime in America's young people.

The plan to fluoridate America's tap water began in 1931. Public relations specialist Edward Bernays helped organize the dental awareness campaign to supplement the nation's drinking water supply with fluoride to prevent tooth decay. The public relations coups of Bernays, who went to his grave in 1995 at age 103, have been exposed in the work “The Father of Spin: Edward L. Bernays and the Birth of Public Relations” (Crown 1998).

More than a half-century after the plan was born, fluoridation, now reaching two-thirds of the U.S. population, is beginning to undergo overdue scientific study. According to Appendix E of the government publication, “Review of Fluoride Benefits and Risks” (February 1991), bone and joint cancers in several Washington and Iowa counties that fluoridate their water has increased 47 percent from 1973 to 1987; for men under 20, the bone cancer rate has gone up 70 percent.

Other scientific studies have yielded similarly grim findings. Genetic damage, neurological impairment and diminished IQs in children. Ironically, excessive fluoride in drinking water has also been found to cause disfiguring dental fluorosis and an increase of cavities and gingivitis among disadvantaged children coast to coast. Mass medication of the public with fluoride has been scientifically identified as a cause of dental problems it is supposedly administered to prevent.

“The fact that some dental associations and some dentists generously endorse and promote” the use of fluoride which they are often giving away as a free service to save children's teeth, “ought to be the first red flag for the thinking person,” commented the Coalition in its publicly distributed pamphlet.

The above paragraph implies that dentists know that by giving fluoride away freely to their patients they will keep returning for expensive dental services that attempt to correct oral symptoms caused by their free fluoride treatments.

In the Journal of the American College of Dentists (1996) it was reported that dental incomes and patient costs are higher in fluoridated communities. This was also reported in the Journal of The American Dental Association (February 1972).

In the CBS News Almanac for 1976, it was revealed that there are more dentists in fluoridated communities. A dental survey in Tucson, Ariz., in 1992, reported in Chemical & Engineering News (July 27, 1992), revealed that the more fluoridated water a child drank, the more cavities appeared in the teeth. The report indicated that fluorides make the teeth brittle and more prone to decay.

The American Dental Association News (August 23, 1999), reported that net earnings among solo dentists ranged from over $50,000 to more than $200,000 annually in 1997.

Fluoride absorption through the skin

A study by three researchers with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Quality Engineering in Boston, published in Science News (1984) found that the body absorbs pollutants through the skin by washing, showering and bathing. Hence Americans in fluoridated communities who are drinking low revels of fluoride in their tap water are also inhaling and absorbing fluoride through their skin when they bathe and shower.

Fluoridation is pollution of the public drinking water at the expense of taxpayers. It appears that since it was becoming so difficult and costly for fluoride-producing industries to adhere to federal standards in disposing of the toxin, fluoride salesmen such as Bernays sold the product to cities that would meter it out to accumulate in the bodies, yards and gardens of the American people.

The treatment is also costly. One reason fluoridation was rejected in Barnstable, Massachusetts, in 1993 was due to the estimated annual cost per consumer per year of $40.

You can call the Washington legislature in Olympia on the toll free hotline 1-800-562-6000 to leave word for your state senator to cosponsor Senator Swecker's bill.

You can also contact your state representatives and urge them to introduce a companion bill in the House. If you are out of state, you should get a copy of the bill through the 1-800 number and present it to your local legislastor.

Safe Water Coalition of Washington State is a non-profit organization that has been largely responsible for successfully keeping fluoride out of the municipal water supply in Spokane, Wash.

If you are battling the fluoride issue in your area, and want to become well-versed on this important issue, please contact the coalition for information and support its efforts to keep this insidious substance out of public water supplies.


Safe Water Coalition
5615 W. Lyons Ct.
Spokane, WA 99208

or call: (509) 328-6704

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