From the November 1999 Idaho Observer:

The New American Nigger

The real outcome of the Civil War and the passage of the 14th Amendment is that they closed the southern plantation and freed the African slaves, opened the federal plantation and made us all slaves. More than four score years later, after the so-called “Civil War,” the federal government defeated our former union of sovereign states. This began the “Reconstruction Era” during which our original form of government was fundamentally altered. Just what was “reconstructed?” And, as a result of “reconstruction,” what are we now?

by Hari Heath

Patrick Henry said, when he addressed the Continental Congress March 23, 1775 “...I consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery...”

If you were to believe the history as taught in government schools, you would believe that the issue of slavery -- whether or not the “negro” people should be freed from their condition of involuntary servitude -- was the issue over which our nation fought its bloodiest battles.

True, many “negro” people were forced to a life of slavery, often by cruel means. And this was an issue in the war between the states and the federal power. Slavery, or compelled servitude, was not exclusively forced upon the “negro” people. Early in our country's history, people of European origin were also enslaved as indentured servants. Often this was a result of criminal sentences, acts of rebellion, or payment for passage. Usually, those of European descent were servants for a period of time, while those of African descent had little hope of emancipation.

If we look a little further than what our government education has fed us, what really happened? Was not the stated purpose of the conflict to replace one form of slavery with another? Did our then small and limited federal government break down the chains of the Constitution which bound it and create for itself new powers? Were the Masters and overseer's of the southern plantations replaced with new ones for the great federal plantation? Did the federal government, once limited to a few enumerated powers -- a servant of the union of sovereign states and the people themselves -- reverse its status and become the master?

In the course of time, beginning with the “reconstruction era,” have we not all been reduced to the status that can best be described as federally-owned niggers? Are we not, at best, sharecroppers?

Color? Which Color?

Since “nigger” is often construed as a derogatory racial slur, some clarification is in order. “Nigger” comes from the Spanish word “negro, (nay-grow) which nowadays are incorrectly referred to as “black” people. Similarly, those of European ancestry are often incorrectly referred to as “white” people. In reality, things are not so black and white.

Black or white?

To prove these errors in our common racial references, take two sheets of paper -- one black and one white. Find a so-called “black” person and hold the “black” paper next to their skin. You will discover that the paper is black and the person is some shade of brown. Then, find a so-called “white” person and hold the “white” paper next to their skin. They also will be some shade of brown, unless they are albino and albinos tend to be pink.

Now that the myth of black and white people has been summarily debunked, we find that people are varying shades of brown, unless they are pink, and come from many different cultures with roots deep in history and geography.

We are not black or white, but rather many diverse individuals, born from preceding generations of individuals into many cultures around the globe, and human skin is varying shades of brown. Brown, as any artist can tell you, is the resulting color when you mix all the colors together.

So where does “nigger” come from? Somewhere, the Spanish “negro” became mispronounced by people that at one time compelled darker brown people into involuntary servitude. Those darker colored people, indentured to a life of slavery, came to be referred to as “niggers.”

Now that we had this “civil” war to make us all equal, and with the new federal master compelling our servitude to its unbridled will, we is all niggers now. Dat's right whitey, yo got chains an shackles keepin yo down, an yo is such a fool dey got you thinking it's jewelry!

So what's up? Times have changed and we need a new definition for nigger. It ain't about black and white any more. The fedgov is our new master, compelling our servitude and tribute with taxes and regulations beyond anything the founding fathers would have imagined or tolerated.

The New Nigger

“Nigger,” under a new definition for our current times, is any one who files a 1040 form. Is that you? Maybe not. Even by their own admission, IRS agents have reported that as much as one-third of the “taxpayers” may be non-filers. That figure, if correct, means that we have one freeman for every two niggers in this country, under this new definition.

That's just too many free men and women in this country for the likes of Uncle Sam, so the fedgov Congress is hard at work with a flat tax, or a national sales tax, or some other scheme, to keep more of dem federal niggers down on de federal plantation. And how many people do you know, who rattle their shackles of socialism thinking it is jewelry, happy to pay their ever increasing tax burden, and wanting you to do the same, so they can reap their benefits from the federal plantation?

What are the shackles around the necks of the new American nigger? Welfare, grants, entitlements, congressional pork projects, government contracts, public “service” occupations; regulation upon regulation making the lives of the good socialist niggers more secure. And convenient. And comfortably complacent.

Keeping a good man down on the plantation, under the force of the whip, was always a hard job. Some one had to do the whipping. A master with a plantation could hire overseers to do the whipping, but it took a master to oversee the overseers. This worked on a good old southern plantation, where a master could see and talk to his overseers, but wasn't such a good idea in the industrial north. It also wouldn't work for the great plantation, that grand scheme for the top down federal takeover. The great federal master wouldn't be able to manage its overseers and its niggers because it was going to be too big and they would be too far removed from the new masters command center. The whipping post had to go and a new slavery had to be implemented.

So far, it may appear that the fedgov is the new master, but is this really the case? Do we have a largely hidden master who uses the fedgov as an overseer?

The hidden cost of war

War is an all out effort at any cost. Cost being the key here. Usually, about midstream in any modern war, the cost of continuing exceeds the stockpiles and assets of the warring factions. They must incur a debt to continue the fight. and those willing bankers are ever so eager to pay the “costs” so they can create and “own” a debt. History has shown bankers to be very willing to pay the costs of war, even financing both sides of the conflict. Control through the instrument of financial obligation is the ultimate goal.

The so-called Civil War was no exception. Not only was it the bloodiest war America has ever fought, it was very costly in monetary terms. It began a debt obligation that was never repaid (perhaps by design). And subsequent wars have added to this, until we now find our nation burdened with an incalculable “debt.” If you include several World Wars, the New Deal, the War on Poverty, Star Wars, UN obligations, and the War on Drugs, the costs of war are beyond our ability to repay. We will never be able to pay even the interest.

And who is the “holder” of this debt? Our new master? The Federal Reserve Bank? The IMF? Alan Greenspan? The Bilderberger/Rothchild/Rockfeller entourage? Is fedgov just a bankrupt, subservient overseer for the semi-hidden master of all? Are we now niggers, reduced to a condition of servitude, from a long chain of our fedgov overseers promises to pay -- with our labor and ingenuity converted to taxes?

By assent and consent we have descended to a condition of servitude to monetary powers which pull the strings of government from behind the scenes. The “Reconstruction Era,” which appears to be an ongoing event, was really a debt restructuring process. Saddled with debt from the Civil War, the U.S. Treasury issued notes or bonds, a promise to pay based on the credit of the U.S. (us). As these bonds matured in the early part of this century, our nation was unable to pay them. The bond holders, being the friendly understanding bankers that they are, presented an alternative to repayment. They would just forgive this little debt if our Congress would “authorize” (unconstitutionally) a national bank (privately held, of course).

And the “Federal” “Reserve” Bank was born. It was authorized to replace our economy of substance with one of promissary notes.

At first they promised to be redeemable in coins of substance, but after twenty years and a “crash” of this paper world (the people figured out there was way more paper than substance and made a run on the banks). FDR solved this little problem by prohibiting the substance our economy was based on -- gold coins -- and compelling us all to use the now unbacked promissory notes. And we've been happy little green paper niggers ever since. The things we do for green paper! Working on the fedgov -- excuse me -- the Federal Reserve plantation.

For generations we have grown accustomed to a debt-based economy. We wouldn't know how to live in an economy of substance if we could find one. In the past century, for many, a home was a homestead. A family had to farm, put up hay, get in the winter wood, and put food by for hard times. Life was based on substance and the procurement of real things.

Now we live from promise to promise. The promise that electricity will be there when you turn on the switch. That gas will come out of the gas pumps. That food will be in the stores when you need it. That banks will be open and credit cards will get you what you want, based on a promise to pay. That you can find one of your fellow fools for green paper, who will take a dollar “bill” from you, in trade for some substance of his.

Slowly, over generations, we have succumbed to an involuntary servitude, fools for the promise of green paper and fantastic plastic; with a tax of over 50 percent of the average American's income, to feed a swarm of socialist enterprises, which pretend they are “good for us”; all the while “assuming” a staggering incomprehensible “debt” to unseen bankers. And we all know what “assume” does to you and me. Puts a whole new color on the word nigger, don't it?


Mr. Heath was told that if he could pull this piece off as entitled, he would never have to prove his literary prowess to me ever again. I'll be darned if he didn't pull it off. Now that the N-word has been redefined, what do we see when we look in the mirror? ~DWH

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