From the October 1999 Idaho Observer:

The Government of Oz and Your Strawman

by Hari Heath

Disclaimer: #1 Don't use the information in this article in court -- it's only enough to get you in trouble. #2 Courts are not nice places where nice people go to visit each other. It's a sophisticated war zone. #3 Don't use any legal process or information that you don't thoroughly understand.

We rarely hear the truth about it, but there is a movement going on. We grew up believing in our country only to find what we thought was our nation is a greater illusion than the land of Oz. As we look past the illusion, to the heart of the matter, something other-worldly appears. Our valued Republic has been replaced with a well organized tyranny, masquerading as our government. Collectively and individually, we work to return to our former state.

While this movement has been given many names, the American Freedom Movement best describes those many Americans who, each in their own way, have been diligently prosecuting their freedom. A small army of scholars, educators, legal researchers, and home made litigators have been poking at the scales of the government beast, searching for chinks in its armor.

We have tried to invoke the commands of the Constitution on government. We have revived the Common Law and formed our own common law courts. We have returned our drivers licenses, spurned the use of the social security number and challenged the jurisdiction of the admiralty/military gold fringed U. S. flag. Many have used trusts, like the Kennedy's and Rockfeller's, to protect their assets and wealth. Some have learned the “rules” of court and brought suit or defended themselves. Others have spent years of their lives in law libraries researching the history of this beastly government and how it operates.

We have crafted immaculate complaints according to the latest legal theory and research. We have prosecuted our freedom, truth, and justice with further appeals when the beastly government of Oz ignores even the most fundamental laws in its quest for plunder and control. We have watched a corrupted tyrannical government make a mockery of everything Americans hold dear.

We have organized and attended seminars in an attempt to educate others and understand the operation of the creature government and how to live free around it. We have tried just about every new theory and procedure that has come down the pike in our quest for freedom from the beast.

What have we found? The Constitution is irrelevant and shunned by operators of the regime. Law is to be used only when it is convenient for a judge to do so. Or, it can be made up as they go along. Laws which are legislated by Congress have less actual force and effect than “Rules” which are made up by “agencies.” Money, or the impostor paper notes we currently use, rules all. Most judges have been bought. And congressmen. And presidents.

As each new theory or procedure is tried and applied, the beast ignores what would seem to be clear and commanding requirements for the operation of government, while the “offending” American is jailed, fined, or has their property stolen by the “government.” All for having the audacity to promote truth, justice, and the American way. When the civil application of law stumbles from its encounter with the fraud and treachery of an impostor government, new research brings forth yet another avenue to impose truth and seek our freedom. With each attempt more is learned and techniques are improved as another piece of the great mystery government is revealed.

In all fairness, many of the losses in court are our own fault. Incomplete research, poorly constructed documents, and even simple failure to use and understand basic English are a common flaw. Follow the leader and fill in the blanks creates problems when a persuasive patriot promotes the latest and the masses follow without doing their own independent research. Add some antiquated Latin legal concepts mixed with self-interpreted Christian theology and we are left with results that are not entirely the fault of government fraud.

The latest stab at the beast

As the American dream vanished into the sunset along with our constitutional form of government, many efforts have attempted to revive our nation, especially during the last few decades. Seemingly, no stone has been left unturned by Americans seeking to restore what is rightfully theirs.

Currently on the horizon, a new legal theory appeared and has been applied with considerable success, at least for now. Since government appears to function as a commercial entity -- use commercial law. The foundations for this particular theory and procedure sound somewhat far fetched, but it begins something like this:

The United States was disbanded as a Union in 1861 and reorganized in 1871 during the “reconstruction era.” A parallel universe of government was created. It looks like the old constitutional form but with a few things missing and a whole lot more added. Over the course of many generations, the Federal United States broke free from the constraints of the Constitution in its unfettered rush to power.

With the economy of our nation handed over to mostly foreign bankers by the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and its debt-making deal, the United States became a bankrupt entity in 1933, held in receivership by Big Bank. Eventually, during the 1960's each state became a less than sovereign state by signing on with the bankrupted federal franchise.

So, as this latest theory goes, this UNITED STATES corporation, along with its' STATE OF WHATEVER subsidiaries, exist as a “private” enterprise and are no longer “public” government. Although they use a Constitution which appears to be similar to the ones creating public government in the first place. Their modern Constitutions are the bylaws of their respective corporations.

So what is the real law that governs the operations of these corporate governing entities? Uniform Commercial Code. Under this latest legal theory of how the beast operates, modern day government is nothing more than a private commercial entity using commercial process. All of the various forms of paperwork that “government” assaults us with are just commercial presentments that appear as lawful “public” process, but in reality merely adjust our “accounts,” managed by the now “private” government corporation. This private government process can be dealt with as prescribed by the Uniform Commercial Code...if you know the Code.

And how does a fictional entity like corporate government have any right to act on free human beings? It doesn't directly. Each one of us has a special friend made up by government just for us. After we were born, our birth certificate began an account in trust which later had other numbers added to it. As a result, a fictional “trust” entity was created, which the fictional corporate “government” acts upon, otherwise known as your "straw man."

Straw man, as defined in Black's Law 6th Edition is “A front; a third party who is put up in name only to take part in a transaction. Nominal party to a transaction; one who acts as an agent for another for the purpose of taking title to real property and executing whatever documents and instruments the principle may direct respecting the property. Person who purchases property for another to conceal identity of real purchaser, or to accomplish some other purpose otherwise not allowed.” Or, if you want to delve into Latin, Stramineus homo is defined as “a man of straw, one of no substance, put forward as bail or surety.”

This straw man has a name similar to your name but it's spelled in all upper case letters like YOUR NAME. We consent through its tricky little deceptions because “YOUR NAME” seems a lot like “your name” and until lately no one informed us of our government induced schizophrenia.

By learning UCC procedures and perfecting a security interest in your straw man, you can become the owner/operator of your special friend, the straw man, and thereby defeat governments presumption that they control the straw man, and with it, you, by your failure to understand your fictional schizophrenic condition. At least, that's the theory.

Theories are fine, but proof is what we're after. Many reports from around the country have traveled through the Movement's grapevine indicating amazing results in the courts. Some reports include simple dismissal of all charges at the arraignment. Judges handing traffic tickets back to speeders who just walk out of court. Judges and prosecutors walking out of court once the Uniform Commercial Code is invoked.

People walking out of jail before their sentence is up. And, yes, even apology letters from the IRS. Can you imagine anything as astonishing as an apology from the IRS?

These are just reports from around the country, but the sheer volume of alleged successes indicates we freedom lovers are onto something here. Are courts and “government” just commercial operators of our trust accounts? Can we the people turn back the “charges” using UCC procedures? Is it true that a traffic ticket flipped back on its commercial face can actually pay back to the national debt?

Some of the claims from around the country are wishful thinking at best; some seem to have worked miracles. It's still too early to tell how well this will work in the long run. Some of the techniques are just plain dangerous procedures, like issuing sight drafts.

Sight drafts may well be a thing best avoided. Sight drafts, in simple terms, are like a check drawn on the trust account purported to be set up for each one of us at the U. S. Treasury. In theory, sight drafts can pay off the IRS or buy a new car. Some people did and therein lies the problem. While sight drafts may be a perfectly legitimate commercial process, Big Bank doesn't like ordinary people to make money out of thin air, just like Big Bank does, and buy new cars with it. And Big Bank owns governments, who have courts, and corporate agents known as policemen, and a very big business called prison.

By using sight drafts you may become the kind of criminal that Big Bank is -- cheating people out of their real stuff with make believe money.

How it works

This particular commercial law procedure has several popular names, including Acceptance for Value and Redemption. Manuals, books, tapes and seminars are available to educate on the details of this evolving process. Much study and your own research is recommended before using any legal process.

When “government” sends you a document, say a traffic ticket or an IRS letter, you may send it back with a written “accepted for value” notice. “Acceptance,” in theory, terminates any controversy and courts depend on controversy for their jurisdiction. And what is the “value” of documents issued by a bankrupt entity operating a fraud?

Sometimes a mere document return ends government's assault with paper. Going to court is an even greater challenge. Judges are trained professionals and usually know their game well. Essentially, the judge will attempt to call “YOU” (your straw man) to answer to the controversy thereby getting “you” to contract with whatever deal the court eventually imposes.

Your task is to ignore, even in the face of great threats from the court, any command from the court and instead act as if you know they are just private agents, acting privately. Meanwhile you attempt to have them contract with you through certain questions you ask and requests you make which are rooted in commercial law. If you have the fortitude and knowledge to stick to your procedure and not get caught in theirs, you can win. Reportedly, many have. It's not for everyone, nor is it easy.

The interesting part, as reported, is that judges who normally ignore the Constitution, statutes, laws and rules, adhere to commercial law and allow “wins” which would otherwise not happen.

Some participants in the American Freedom Movement think this is the final blow to the creature government, we're onto them now because we've found their working mechanisms. Others suspect it's only a matter of time until the beast recovers, changes the game and plunders away again.

We all can sense that what government wants most is our money. Can we “accept for value” its plunderous attempts, become the “holder in due course” of our straw man, and obtain “redemption” from the beastly government of Oz and live our lives as free Americans once more? Time will tell.

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